Classic Hog Roast by Chef & Griddle

Whole Spit Roasted Pig - Roasted Whole to Perfection at Your Venue. Carved Straight from the Pig and Onto Your Bread Roll.

- Served With -

Professionally Presented Crackling - Roasted to a Golden and Bubbling Perfection over Dancing Flames

- Along with -

Freshly Made Sage and Onion Stuffing - Served Piping Hot

Delicious Bramley Apple Sauce

- Served With -

Freshly Floured Bread Rolls and Local Butter.

This can be presented in a napkin or onto a good quality disposable plate.

This price is fully inclusive of all costs.

We bring everything we need with us to cover preparing and serving your chosen menu.

There are no hidden costs or extras.

If serving inside we will provide serving tables, if serving outside we will bring gazebos to work under and provide cover.

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Here at Hog Roast Caterer, we aim to never overstretch ourselves. Having seen the effect of over ambitious caterers in terms of the ingredients they use and the methods they adopt. Believing that the customer deserves the optimum from their caterers, our illustrious history within the hog and spit roasted events industry has allowed us to evolve naturally in synch with the needs of our customers and the subsequent growth we’ve experienced in the remit of our customer base.

Our food is now better than it has ever been. With a fully integrated catering team, which is more of a family, we combine engineering know how with the creative genius of our fully qualified chefs, service staff and serving assistants. Our fully trained front of house hog roast service is also renowned, therefore our service capacity is so advanced that there is nothing that can daunt us in terms of a catering assignment. Backed up by glowing reports from our various royal and celebrity catering engagements which we have completed in the recent past, we believe that our ability to combine the rustic and traditional hog roast with the necessary excellence in the fields of service and front of house has helped us to become one of the nations finest event catering providers.

Corporate hospitality is exceptionally important. The standards of food and quality of service have to be exacting in order to guarantee that business orientated situations go very smoothly. Having witnessed, first hand, how the quality of food coupled with its service and presentation can influence the outcomes of corporate functions, we understand that getting it right can make the difference between ‘deal’ or ‘no deal.’

Alongside our aesthetically beautiful and ultra-mobile hog roast catering machines and our immaculately presented and uniformed staff, we have the quality of our food. As our testimonials show, we never cease to amaze people with the standard of food we can deliver (which is consistently and totally restaurant beating) and the amounts of people we can cater for. Tackling the formulation of our Corporate Hospitality menus with vitality and a great deal of thought yielded surprising results. It became apparent that our corporate customers appreciated similar food and serving styles as our party menu clients. Thus, they are displayed on the website ( in a similar way. Ranging from the simple hog roast, floured rolls, apple sauce and stuffing, the simpler menus provided our many corporate customers with a happy, relaxed and informal atmosphere ideal for open necked shirts and no restrictive suit. Crucially though, it combines this atmosphere with mind blowing food, which is always a welcome treat. The menus get more elaborate and include salads and the options for various meats to be used as you, the customer, views the higher menu options.

So as you begin to plan your corporate event, why not take a look at our great and varied menus. Each menu featuring the hog roast or any roasted meat of your choice (the spit roasted spring lamb draped in fresh rosemary is a real hit) comes with your complete ability, should you wish, to entirely customise and personalise. You’re the boss, and when it comes to corporate catering we never get fired. (unlike our pigs!)