Do you offer alternatives to Spit Roasted Pork?

What other Meats can you Spit Roast on a Hog Roast Machine

We realise that hog roast may not be suitable for everyone and the reasons for this could be quite plentiful. Whilst we all love hog roast here, some people may just not like it so it is always a really good idea to make sure that you have some alternatives lined up just in case. There can be nothing worse than turning up to an event – especially when you are starving – and realising that there is nothing there that you want to eat!

It’s not just a matter of taste though. There may be religious or cultural reasons why you cannot eat hog roast meat, so having an alternative in place could be essential. Luckily this is something that will not be a problem with the hog roast caterer, and thanks to the very accommodating nature and remarkable versatility of the hog roast machines that are used these days, offering an alternative to hog roast is easily achieved.

One of the most common misconceptions about hog roast catering is the idea that the cooks are only able to cook one thing: pig. That is incorrect. Hog roast chefs are of course specialists in cooking pigs exceptionally well but it certainly does not mean that any other sort of meat is off the radar completely. The same goes for the actual hog roast machine itself. These may have been designed to cope with the weightiness and bulkiness of pigs but the ability for them to superbly cook other meats is all there, and that gives you the superb flexibility to deliver great tasting meat other than hog roast meat to all your guests.

Over the year we have heard from many of our hog roast caterers who have cooked alternative meats for their events and they have always been really pleased to hear from guests who have come up to them later and complimented them on the superb flavours. Many also thanks them for being able to provide great tasting alternatives to the standard cooked pig.

One sort of meat always cooks an absolute treat in a hog roast machine is beef and this is one of many solutions that are often cooked for events as an alternative to pig. Just as the hog roast chef gets some amazing results when cooking a whole pig, they can achieve some great results with joints of beef too. You could say that is one of the benefits of being experts at slow roasting. This really helps the beef retain a great degree of wholesome flavour whilst at the same time remaining lovely and succulent.

Lamb is another delicious tasting alternative that is often cooked in a hog roast machine. This superb and very British option is always popular with many people who don’t quite like hog roast as much. A very different flavour and texture but always very tasty and something that is certainly worth considering as an alternative.

Of course if your hog roast in London has attracted a few people who prefer their meat to be of the feathered variety then there is a solution for them too. Hog roast machines are very capable of cooking a mean chicken or turkey. In fact if you wanted a total alternative for your event than what about the chicken spit option, which allows for over thirty chickens to be spit roasted to perfection? And if you really wanted to go to the other extreme and bring things back to basics, you could offer a burger bar style alternative and serve kebabs, sausages and burgers instead. So, you can see why hog roast catering does not necessarily mean you are stuck with a pig!

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