Hog Roast Abingdon

Abingdon is one of the many English towns that is quite rightly very proud of its history. So much so that it’s prepared to have a good old argument about it, albeit a friendly argument. Abingdon, like a few other English towns, claims that it is the oldest continuously occupied town in Britain. And how long has this continuous occupation been going on for? Try six thousand years.

Abingdon’s population of some thirty six thousand people might not be too concerned as to whether their town’s claim is proven to be correct or not but they may be more irked by the fact that Abingdon is one of the largest towns in Southern England without its own railway station. It seems that six thousand years of occupation does not necessarily guarantee a great transport service.

It’s not all bad news though, far from it. At least Abingdon can join the rest of the UK in something far more rewarding than a train line, and that is being able to enjoy a hog roast.

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Hog roast hire Abingdon means that the people means that the people of this great Oxfordshire town can now sample for themselves the new ‘old’ revolution that is transforming event and function catering across the UK. And when I say new ‘old’, that couldn’t be more true. For just like Abingdon, with its rich history dating back to the Iron Age, hog roast represents a little bit of British history too. This is a feast that dates back to medieval times and providing superb quality food for some of the wealthier people around. In fact, it is almost certain that hog roast would have been enjoyed in some of Abingdon’s finer old buildings. It seems that hog roast Abingdon is not something new but actually a little part of history being revisited.

Hog roast is still a little misunderstood by many people, though this is something that is being put right day by day. A lot of this seems to boil down to exactly what is hog roast. Occasionally you find that people simply don’t know what it is...which is a shame because the truth is quite simple. Hog roast is pork. Actually it’s pork but quite an incredible tasting take on pork. We have all tasted pork before and pork can indeed be a lovely meal at home or when out for a meal with friends, but hog roast Abingdon style is something quite different. A lot of this difference is down to the hard work of the hog roast chef. Hog roast is not simply a case of popping a couple of pork chops under the grill: hog roast is a labour of cooking love. For a start, hog roast requires a whole pig – and not just any old pig. The hog roast chef chooses only great quality pigs from a reputable source for the Abingdon diners. Only this will ensure that the meat tastes incredible.

Then it is a case of slow cooking...and I really mean slow cooking. To get the very best from any joint of meat requires a slow roasting process. This helps the meat become tender and succulent and really brings out superb flavours. For a typical Abingdon hog roast, this means six long hours. But don’t worry, it is all worth it and the results are quite simply stunning. Hog roast meat is amongst the best meat you will ever taste and is a far cry from the dry pork chop that you may have grown up used to.

Hog roast really is a great solution for any event where you want to treat your guests to fantastic tasting food. Whether your Abingdon function is a wedding reception, corporate event, family get together, anniversary or a charity ball, an Abingdon hog roast chef can help light up the occasion with some of the best tasting catering food you are ever likely to taste.