Hog Roast Ashbourne

Some people say that England is a far cry from the ‘typical England’ of years gone by, but there is still plenty of typical England left for people to see. Ashbourne is just one such example. This small town of ten thousand people is a busy and thriving market town in Derbyshire. Ashbourne ticks all the boxes on the typical England checklist; cobbled market place, medieval streets, hidden alleys, historic buildings...in fact for some it is like taking a wonderful step back in time. Royal Shrovetide football is just one such example.

Ashbourne is just the sort of town that would have witnessed many a hog roast in the past, and it’s reassuring to know that hog roast is probably going to play a big part in Ashbourne’s future. The unofficial name of Hog Roast Ashbourne could be a good choice.

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Ashbourne’s medieval days would no doubt have seen some gloriously over the top hog roast feasts taking place, perhaps on a quite huge scale with many hogs being cooked at once. Medieval times were the birthplace of the hog roast so it is only to be expected that Ashbourne should witness a modern day revival of the hog roast....not that hog roast ever went way, either here in hog roast Ashbourne or indeed anywhere else for that matter.

Hog roast has been a popular choice with the slightly wealthier members of society over the years, and royalty have been known to partake in a hog roast or two. Perhaps Queen Victoria enquired about hog roast during her visit to Ashbourne in 1832. If it was a hog roast Ashbourne visit that the Green Man Pub could not satisfy, she would not have been amused.

Talking of amusements, Ashbourne is not a million miles away from Alton Towers, a distinctly un medieval like place that is home to some of the UK’s biggest rides and rollercoasters. But Ashbourne needs none of this modern day excitement to keep its people happy. In fact the people of Ashbourne will know that a good old hog roast itself will provide a good deal in the way of traditional entertainment. Six hours of hog roast Ashbourne entertainment, no less, for that is the typical roasting time of a hog roast pig. Okay, so maybe the ultra modern hog roast machine is a little bow to twenty first century cooking technology but the principle is pretty much the same as in medieval times: painstaking slow roasting will bring out the very best flavours in the pig.

And what about the pig? Does this modern day hog roast make do with a poor quality pig? Of course not, and the good people of Ashbourne would certainly not tolerate such scrimping. This is a market town after all, where quality produce is king. Hog roast pigs are top notch pigs, meaning every hog roast delivers the succulent, juicy pork you would expect from a fine Ashbourne hog roast.

Taking a step back in time can be a wonderful experience, but its modern equivalents can be equally rewarding, hog roast being the perfect example.