Hog Roast Ashford

What makes somewhere a great place to live? Do beautiful surroundings play a part in this, or is it good employment opportunities? Whatever it is, it seems that Ashford, in the garden of England, is just one such place. Indeed, it was voted the fourth best place in the UK to live back in 2005. That can’t be bad. There must be many happy people amongst the fifty-eight thousand people who live in the town of Ashford, and perhaps the secret reason for their happiness could be down to a fondness for hog roast. The hog roast Ashford effect, perhaps?

Ashford is a town on the up. Ashford has seen a big increase in its commercial importance over recent years and this too may have contributed to the feelgood factor, but the hog roast Ashford effect should not be overlooked.

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Maybe the increased commercial importance of the town has seen an increase in event catering and corporate functions and hog roast will no doubt be a regular feature at these Ashford events. Why hog roast? What makes hog roast such a good choice for an Ashford business function? After all, there are so many options when it comes to catering for corporate events these days, why go for something as seemingly random as a hog roast?

Well, there’s nothing random about choosing a powerful, rich tasting and memorable food for an important event, especially one where making a great impression could lead to new deals being brokered and new alliances being formed. Hog roast is the power food for power brokers in Ashford. It says to your guests ‘we want to do things differently, we want to make an impression’ – and hog roast certainly does not disappoint in that respect.

Should you play it safe with another Ashford catering option? Why should you? Playing it safe sends out a negative signal, that you are not a risk taker. Being bold and going for hog roast shows that you mean business.

Actually, the hog roast Ashford effect means that this is not a risk at all. After all, hog roast is delicious meat demonstrating fresh cooking at its absolute best. Hog roast cooking is a delight to watch and will captivate guests with the ‘performance’ involved in its preparation by the Ashford hog roast caterer. It looks magnificent and will be quite a picture for all those seeing an Ashford hog roast close up for the very first time.

Then you get the aromas wafting around the venue like a magic potion. These really will get people’s juices flowing and only heightens the element of anticipation as the hog nears serving. And when it is served, hog roast can be one of the best presented meats there is and is definitely up there with anything else a top restaurant in Ashford could serve.

You don’t really need to know what an Ashford hog roast tastes like, do you? Suffice to say that this is some of most incredible pork you will ever sink your teeth into. But don’t take our word for it, ask your Ashford guests the next time you arrange a function.