Hog Roast Ashtead

Ashtead is another southern town which begins its tale with Roman influence. Since then there’s been a few changes in the infrastructure, though nothing has changed regarding the desire to live here. If the quality of life can be measured by the temperament of the locals then Ashtead ranks favourably high. The atmosphere is very relaxed, something to be expected for a place with under 20,000 people, and a local park allows residents to get that bit closer to nature.

What makes a hog roast hire Ashtead so agreeable comes down to the simple fact that people have been cooking animals for about the same amount of time as our four-legged porkers have traipsed the globe. Aside from our clothes and nature of conversation one of the biggest differences nowadays is the equipment we use. A modern hog roasting machine is a serious piece of kit! There is an option to hire our machines, but then there is also the option to buy them (just in case you weren’t sold on their popularity). At £2000 they are reassuringly expensive. Rather than try to smooth you over with marketing terms we prefer the straight-shooting method. In a sentence, for something that utilises wheels, our cooking apparatus is one of the sweetest things you can purchase this side of Ferrari.

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From the super reliable oven to the fine gleam of the stainless steel you will come to form a brotherly bond with your hog roaster. You may appreciate how far cars have come, but when you spare a thought for how long man has roasted pig you may begin to wonder at the culmination of experience which has paved the way for this tremendous bronzing device. And for every petrol head we can assure you there are 10,000 foodies! A hog roast hire Ashtead is another chance for us to prove what differentiates Chef & Griddle from the rest of the pack. It is a crude assumption to believe one need only good food and good service to deliver the best hog roast. Just as it is with the dishes it is the fine subtleties of our delivery that make us stand out.

Service with a smile goes without saying, but we are continually on standby to anticipate the needs of the customer. We’re fully aware of the British mind-set; it’s one guilty of reticence and over politeness. There have been times when I’ve overheard the wishes of party guests, whether it be for different dressings or mixed dishes, and I’ve always assured them that nothing is beyond our capability. And it may sound trivial, but trust me, when you’ve watched a hog roast for the best part of 6 hours you want to see it sliced with care (and a little charisma!). There’s nothing worse than seeing a well roasted hog get impatiently butchered.

Ashtead is well connected to busier areas, which means it can provide something of a sanctuary for your tired city slicker. After a hard day’s work coming here would offer a nice detox, but what would make it unforgettable would be to get on the blower and contact Chef & Griddle. Don’t forget that, given adequate notice, you can order on the very same day and enjoy not just a hog roast but a hog roast executed with consummate excellence.

There are various methods to unwind in merry old England. A classic avenue will take you down a pub where larger, bitter and easy conversation will sculpt the evening. If you’re feeling your oats you may want to proceed with a night out, knock the drinks back and bust a few moves. The quiet alternative is to opt for the tried n’ tested pizza & rented DVD combination. The great thing about a hog roast Ashtead is everybody will have heard of one, quite a few will of staged one, but never will it be considered a run-of-the-mill option for entertainment. A hog roast Ashtead will forever remain an event!

Last time we were in Ashtead we came, we saw and we conquered the expectations of everyone who sampled our engineered cuisine. Better yet a couple of the neighbours were evidently covetous as we cleaned up, packed up and looked to see who’d had another brain storm and ordered our services. Whatever you may have planned in the coming months, spare a thought for the most eclectic of industries. Birthdays, weddings, private gatherings or simply impromptu celebrations; nothing will be compromised. Leave the rest to us. We’ll leave the super grub for you.