Hog Roast Badminton

It is probably everyone’s dream to one day own a huge house with more bedrooms than you could possibly want and more land than you could ever reasonably make use of. Unfortunately, for most of it, that remains a dream but it’s a nice one to cling on to, after all, there is the lottery! Big houses are made for entertaining, wining and dining and it must be wonderful to invite as many friends as possible round for a huge party without having to worry about disturbing the neighbours. A house like Badminton House would be absolutely perfect. Set in the Gloucestershire countryside, this would be the party house to die for.

Of course, a house such as that would need some seriously good catering if you were to hold a party, but don’t feel like you have to have a king sized house to enjoy catering fit for a queen. Even if you are planning an event in more modest surroundings then a hog roast could be just the catering answer you are looking for. Hog roast badminton occasion? Why not?

Making your event a hog roast Badminton event means you are onto a sure fire winner. Hog roast is now widely accepted across the UK as a perfect catering solution and certainly one of the most popular over the last few years. More and more of us are choosing hog roast, and it’s not hard to see why that should be the case. More and more people are getting a taste for good food. They care where it is coming from, how it is cooked and the history behind it. Hog roast just could not be a better match. It has the ingredients, the cooking and the history.

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Hog roast hire Badminton caterers really care about the origins of the meat they use. It really does matter to them as only when they know the meat is good can they be sure that the hog roast is going to be up to their exacting standards. In fact the hog roast hire Badminton caterer’s very first task when working on your event is to secure a fantastic quality whole pig for you. They do this by picking a locally bred pig from a reputable supplier. This allows them to be certain that the meat is of the very best quality.

Hog roast was one of the catering world’s best kept secrets but it seems the cat (or maybe that should be pig) is out of the bag. It seems that everyone is warming to the incredible flavour of hog roast. They also seem to be quite taken by the fact that something so extravagant looking as hog roast can actually be so affordable. That’s right, hog roast stands up very well to other catering solutions cost wise, and when you consider the quality of the meat and the professional cooking involved, you will soon realise that hog roast is an absolute bargain that cannot be ignored. There’s also the not insignificant matter of the amount of people that a single regular sized hog roast pig can feed. It may be a bit of a surprise that your Badminton hog roast will have enough meat to feed over a hundred of your guests. It just became even better value for money!

But what about the hog roast chef? Have you ever considered the hard work they are going to put in to producing this food masterpiece? Well, there is certainly a lot of work to be done to create the perfect hog roast and it involves something of a hard hog slog! For a hog roast of standard size, you are looking at around six hours slow roasting. It sounds like a long time (which it is) but it is more than worth it. You see, hog roast needs to be slow roasted in order to produce those unique and truly special flavours. Hog roast is all about juicy, succulent flavours and melt in the mouth texture and that is what a long six hours slow roasting is going to help you achieve. It will also help produce the most incredible crackling you are ever likely to taste. Trust me, it tastes quite brilliant.

So, hog roast. What more is there to say? It is extravagant catering food for those that do not have a millionaire’s catering budget yet it certainly tastes like a million dollars. It looks incredible as it is being cooked and, most importantly tastes fantastic, making your Badminton hog roast event a triumph.