Hog Roast Banbury

Hog Roast Banbury is an exciting and innovative catering service serving the town of Banbury and its surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on the quality of the service we offer, and we feel privileged to be able to exist within the community of Banbury, building ties through the one thing which binds us all – delicious food!

A little about our process first. Before we were approached by any customers, we made sure we had all the foundations in place. That means that we found all the best suppliers local to Banbury, so that we could be assured of quality ingredients for all of our jobs, being able to rely on responsible and reliable farmers and suppliers who do things the right way. After all, having an excellently reared pig is half the formula for a perfectly cooked hog roast, and the same goes for all our dishes. Then we decided on what our business was to be about, and we decided we wanted to offer you the utmost flexibility, and the utmost professionalism.

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So when you come to us with your event, we keep a completely open mind as to what we can do for you; that means no minimum or maximum limit applied to the number of guests, no restriction on what your menu will look like – if you want something which isn’t on our pre-set menus, we have the experienced chefs and diligent office staff to make your wish into a reality. Similarly, even if you just want to rent one of our custom-designed spit-roast machines, we can offer you great deals on that, as well as giving you all the instruction you will need to cook your very own hog roast. Therefore what we offer and deliver is a highly personalised service, which can suit your needs, whatever they are – whether you want an warm gathering with just your close friends or a glitzy corporate do, we have the experience and the know how to make both something special.

Hog Roast Banbury, in short, despite its name, is so much more than just a hog roast company. Anyone enjoying our diverse and exotic canapés at the beginning of one of our three-course meals would hardly believe we were a hog roast Banbury caterer, but that’s what makes us different. The beauty of the hog roast is that is infinitely adaptable, it doesn’t look out of place as the centrepiece of a gourmet meal, or simply carved up and slapped in a bread roll and served up with crackling and apple sauce. That’s what allows us to offer you every kind of dining experience under the sun.

As you can see, the best way to get involved is to contact us now, so we can start discussing in depth your perfect event. We genuinely offer a great opportunity for you to have the event you dream of, not one born out of compromise. Think hog roast, think Hog Roast Banbury.