Hog Roast Belfast

Big cities have a big social appetite to satisfy. With many thousands of people to look after and the hustle and bustle you associate with city life, there is always the need for things to do, places to go and the need to be entertained. Belfast in Northern Ireland is no different. Belfast is big, not just the largest city in Northern Ireland but the fourteenth largest city in the UK too, with a population of over six hundred thousand.

Belfast is on the up, too. After years of troubles, the city is enjoying a period of calm and growth, which all means good times ahead for the people of this city. That means lots more socialising, more events, more celebrations and more business opportunities. Hog roast hire Belfast could be looking at busy times ahead.

Hog roast can be the light at the end of the tunnel for almost any function event organiser. Whatever the event, whether a get together at garden party or a formal corporate function at a hotel, hog roast Belfast style can be the difference. The versatility of hog roast means it can satisfy the needs of a formal and informal event with aplomb.

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We all love a good christening (or wetting the baby’s head) and they are always a wonderful excuse for a traditional Belfast knees up. Sadly, the food at these events is often a total disappointment and an exercise in lousy catering. Celebrating a new life should mean great food and great laughs, not catering regrets. Hog roast Belfast style can add a sprinkle of magic to a christening: juicy lean meat and crispy crackling for those that like something to get stuck in! A cracking (and crackling) christening can make it one of the most memorable get togethers ever!

Hog roast’s other personality as a formal main event food needs noting too, after all not everything is a party. Sometimes an event calls for something a little more formal foodwise to make that all important great impression. Hog roast will let you do just that. Many people make the mistake of thinking that hog roast is a one trick pony (or pig) when it comes to catering because they wrongly assume that hog roast is just for serving on rolls with sauces. Well, prepare to be surprised. Hog roast can be presented quite stunningly as a professionally presented plate of fine food. It carves like a dream and it has a distinct yet delicious flavour, setting hog roast apart from all the usual catering contenders.

One other key aspect to hog roast is that it’s a visual feast for your Belfast diners, too. Too many times do people attend special events only to have the food brought out to them, ready cooked anonymously in some hidden kitchen. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with that, of course, but where’s the sense of occasion. Remember that some top restaurants have an open kitchen policy where you can see your meal being cooked. That’s something that you do get with a Belfast hog roast chef. The hog roast chef cooks the whole pig in splendid fashion on the wonderful looking hog roast machine for everyone to see. Fresh cooking at its very best. Lengthy, dedicated cooking, too. They will have started it before you arrive but hog roast takes about six hours to cook, but it’s time well spent as those six hours give the meat time to slowly cook and absorb all those essential flavours that make hog roast taste so amazing.

Hog roast really is a great option whatever the occasion. The informal meal that is great for a carefree style party or the smart, formal solution that will delight your guests with freshly cooked, beautifully carved meat. Why settle for a poor imitation of great special occasion food when a Belfast hog roast will leave your guests with incredible memories of a great event.