Hog Roast Belper

Belper houses 20,000 people and the name supposedly means 'beautiful retreat', or at least it's said to be a corruption of a word with that meaning, Beaurepaire, an old hunting lodge. It was first chartered way back in the early 1200's and believed to belong to the 1st Earl of Lancaster. There was also a chapel - St John's - from the same period which actually stands to this day.

The history from there on in tells the story of everything from coal to ironstone, nail making in particular has been a feature of the down, or was, right up until the 19th century when machines started to be properly utilised. However, you can still find a few of the old houses of nail-makers if you know where to look, the local tour being a starting point, they provide cracking service a few of the team have been on ourselves.

The economy today looks a little different, there's still a bit of manufacturing industry but mainly it's retail and services. Of course, we can't forget about talking about ourselves, the providers of a great hog roast service. We make hog roasts and we make them well, and we're not shy of proving it by taking as many jobs as we can and setting events on fire with fantastic hog roast Belper food.

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The roasted pig is an all-time classic, it's had its place in catering practically forever, that hog roasting is still so popular up to this day is a real feat, a complement to the quality of roasted pig that even after all this time people in their droves still look forward to it. It's impossible to get bored of spit roasting because even if you have it frequently you can switch up what you're spit roasting, from pig to lamb, if you've had lamb a few times then why not try roasted chickens or a roasted sirloin of beef, even whole chicken kebabs have made there way into our menus because of how many bespoke menu requests we had for them.

When people ask, we answer, hence why our hog roast Belper menus have become the complete package, there's a menu for every purpose because we're always creating menus and adding in new foods that our clients ask for. It's not just spit roast delight with our menus, it's the canapes we do so well, the starters that follow that, dazzling desserts and more. Some menus even have the double whammy, we have a wedding menu which is regularly booked which has a hog roast for the reception then another hog roast buffet menu in the evening, 2 menus in 1 effectively. For that package you can choose from any spit roast of the sausage and burger option. It's multiple choice, too, so you can pick two for each to really be on the safe side and let your guests pick their favourite.

When we're out and about catering for our local clients we make the finest spit roasted meals from top of the line produce. Most of it is regional except for where that's not possible, there's a lot of ingredients we get from all over but the farms they come from are always of a high quality because we believe our clients deserve the best there is with their hog roast.

Hog roasting is great regardless of whether it's made by a caterer or not, roasted pigs existed long before professional caterers and if civilisation were to collapse we're sure they'd exist long after. So if you're like some of our current clients and just love hog roasts and will take them wherever they come, or if you feel up to the task of making your own for an event, give some consideration to hog roast hire Belper.

You'll be able to hire a machine which can either spit roast or tray roast, some of the machines even come with a griddle which works out great, if you tell us your plans we'll give you our recommendation on which machine to hire. If you don't know what you're looking for just yet feel free to call or email for a conversation, we'll tell you more about hog roasting and float some ideas around which might take your fancy.

As with every service, if you aren't sure which hog roast hire Belper will be the best choice for your event you can always call to discuss and get a better idea, for now you might want to have a gander at the menu and hire website pages.