Hog Roast Bethnal Green

Sometimes when district forms a part of larger city, it can be easy for it to be lost in the mix, to hold no real identity and to just merge with all the rest. Thankfully that is not a problem that Bethnal Green suffers. Bethnal Green has retained a strong identity over the years and has certainly not been absorbed into the capital as just another place. The twenty six thousand people who have made Bethnal Green their home are certainly delighted that their identities remain intact.

This identity extends to culinary experiences with Bethnal Green enjoying a rich diversity of cultural influences with the Bangladeshi Bethnal Green influences being particularly strong. But I would suggest that there is an old influence starting to make an impact: hog roast Bethnal Green.

Hog roast is simply one of the best solutions for any function being held in the district of Bethnal Green. Hog roast is a self contained perfect party solution that can transform a mere event into a hog roast Bethnal Green extravaganza. Hog roast offers a similar diversity to that of Bethnal Green’s with hog roast being a real culinary chameleon, fantastic as a free and easy party meal that can enjoyed on rolls with salad or sauces or as more formal dinner food, finely carved and presented with finesse. Hog roast Bethnal Green style makes for a super main course. Hog roast meat is melt in the mouth and will blow the Bethnal Green diners away with its flavours.

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Quality of meat is an all important factor when providing event food and the Bethnal Green hog roast caterer knows this all too well. This is why every hog roast uses only the best quality pigs for the ultimate in taste and flavour guaranteed.

So, you are convinced by the flavour and the versatility but you are still wary of the fact that hog roast looks like an expensive option for your Bethnal Green function. Well, you are right in some ways. Hog roast certainly does look expensive, what with a whole pig roasting away for six long hours, that big and imposing looking hog roast machine, and let us not forget the hog roast caterer themselves, for they have to tend to the hog and serve the meat to your Bethnal Green diners. But is it really expensive? No, a hog roast is one of the top value catering solutions and makes a hog roast Bethnal Green event a feasible, affordable option. And you may even be able to add a few names to your guest list as a whole hog roast can feed up to one hundred Bethnal Greeners! Now that is some going the whole hog!

It looks your party or function has at last got a catering solution, so there really is nothing stopping you with a hog roast function. And just like Bethnal Green, you have ensured that, by choosing a different catering solution, your party will retain its own identity rather than fall in line with every one else’s!

Roast meat is enjoyed around the world, but everyone has their own favourite dish. Our hog roast Bethnal Green caterers can cook meat for any occasion, and the best part is that our customers get to choose the type of meat, or meats, that they want to serve at their particular gathering or event. This means that we offer a very flexible catering service that really does offer something for everyone. We started out as a hog roast company and that is what we are best known for, but we also specialize in other delicious meats. Our roast spring lamb is a real treat. Roast chicken or roast turkey is an excellent alternative for smaller gatherings, or for people who don’t eat red meat (or for those who just love the taste of roast chicken or roast turkey!) We can also serve roast beef sirloin which we find is a sure bet to please anyone who hankers after the delicious taste of succulent and sumptuously cooked roast beef. We offer a range of sauces and traditional condiments for each of our meat choices so you can be sure that the meat you choose will be juicy, delicious, perfectly seasoned, and accompanied by delicious sauces.

Our simplest menu option is our roast meat sandwich. Traditionally this is roast pork in a bun, but it is also just as delicious with lamb, beef, chicken, or turkey as the main meat. We serve most of our menu options buffet-style, and the sandwich menu is the ultimate buffet meal. For formal occasions some of our courses can be served by our wait staff, but the main course is usually served buffet-style. We think this allows all of your guests to come and see the roasting machine and to enjoy the full experience of how our meat is roasted and prepared. When you book with us you can choose the type of menu you want and the number of staff you require.

Whether you are planning a grand wedding with hundreds of guests, or just hosting an intimate celebration with close friends and family, our hog roast Bethnal Green wedding caterers can lay on a spread that everyone will enjoy and remember. Obviously one of the most enjoyable parts of any wedding is choosing the perfect wedding cake to celebrate your special day. With each of our wedding menus we can serve your wedding cake as the last course (and of course you can cut the first slice!) Our wedding menu options range from simple yet satisfying to elaborate sit down meals. Our four-course menu comprises appetizers (including vegetarian options), your choice of roast meat (for large parties or for variety you can choose more than one meat), a choice of salads or seasonal vegetables, and a dessert course, followed of course by your own special wedding cake.

When you plan a wedding you always have to spend a bit of time thinking about the weather – what will you do if it rains on the big day? When you hire our caterers though you will have one less thing to worry about because we can cook and serve your chosen meal inside or outside; we can always move inside or under a canopy if it rains. We can also prepare the food beforehand, or if you prefer we can cook the meat onsite, this is a great idea if you want your guests to see the novelty of the hog roast machine.

We don’t just cater for weddings; we can cater for any event imaginable. We also provide hog roast hire Bethnal Green can count on, so if you want a hog roast without the hog roast caterer, we’ve got it sorted. We deliver the machine, the gas, and if you want us to, the meat. All you have to do is have fun cooking it. Lots of our customers find that there is a special thrill about slow-roasting meat using our state-of-the-art roasting machines. Foodies will love the chance that hog roast hire Bethnal Green offers to experience this unique cooking style. We think our food is a cut above the rest and we’re sure you will think so too. When you choose us to cater your event, or to supply you with a rental, you can rest assured that we will treat you courteously and respond to all of your questions. We even welcome substitutions to our set menus, so if you don’t see something you like just ask us and together we can create the perfect menu for your perfect day.