Hog Roast Bicester

Oxfordshire really is a great location to base yourself. You are near enough to the capital for a reasonable commute but you are always well placed for access to a fair part of the rest of England. It is no surprise it is popular.

One of the towns that is enjoying a little bit of this commuter popularity is Bicester. Now, where did Bicester get that name from? It is believed to come from the Latin meaning two forts. This would make some sense as the remains of a settlement and a priory are relatively close by. Not surprisingly, the town is steeped in history but Bicester is a modern town, too. So why is Bicester, like much of the UK, looking back to medieval times for a modern day catering solution. What is the thinking behind the hog roast Bicester phenomenon?

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Well, hog roast would have been a regular feature at some important social occasions in Bicester’s history. Any important meal from medieval time onward was usually a good opportunity to see a hog roast being served. Hog roast was a feast for those of means and would have cooked over a roaring fire. But as centuries marched by, hog roast started to fade away as a big event meal. In recent decades, catering at special events has been anything but special with a bland array of foods taking the place of hog roast, from chicken drumsticks cold meats, pork pies and salads.

That looks like it’s all about to change and hog roast hire Bicester could be about to get busy. Hog roast Bicester events are set to become all the range as the UK starts to develop a new found appreciation for our old friend the hog roast.

Why the change of heart? Many suspect that people are becoming far more clued up about quality food these days. It could also be something to do with the appeal of more traditional, back to basics cooking methods that do not rely on a myriad extra ingredients. Hog roast is the real deal when it comes to cooking! And of course, some of the excuses for special occasion food really have been tasteless, dull affairs that completely lack any vitality or flavour.

You won’t get any complaints about a lack a lack of flavour with a hog roast. Hog roast is awash with flavour and delights the diner with the best tasting meat you will find at any Bicester event. It’s a versatile beast of a feast, too. Hog roast is perfectly happy being served on rolls with sauces for the ultimate mobile party meal but it is also a formal catering solution, able to carved and beautifully presented as finest carved pork together with apple sauce, stuffing and crackling, making for an incredible gourmet meal. And for all you traditionalists out there, don’t go thinking the crackling is a poor substitute: hog roast crackling really is the stuff of legend. Amazing crackling like you have never tasted.

It should be, too. The hog roast chef’s job is not merely to cook the whole pig: it is a sheer labour of culinary love, spending six long hours to produce the ultimate in hog roast magnificence. Tender, succulent and incredibly tasty, with aromas that will fill your whole venue. It looks brilliant, too, seeing your meal getting cooked for you before your own eyes. Seeing your cheese and ham sandwiches made would not hold quite the same appeal, I don’t think.

So, you have an option, people of Bicester. Do you stick with the tired old catering options that no-one really cares for or do you push the Bicester boat out and decide to treat your guests to the magic of incredible tasting hog roast? It’s a tough decision, not! Choose flavour, choose spectacle and choose incredible value. Make sure your Bicester special occasion really is just that and go the whole hog!