Hog Roast Billericay

You may think that you know Billericay all too well from Gavin and Stacey, as the sitcom was set in this part of Essex. However, we hate to disappoint you but most of Gavin and Stacey was filmed in Wales. Not to worry, Billericay is well represented in the series and its forty thousand residents will probably have no issue with that at all.

What the people of Billericay would take issue with is not being able to provide great food at Billericay functions. Gavin and Stacey saw a number of small dinner parties, but what if you wanted to cater for something on a larger scale? Hog roast Billericay to the rescue!

A hog roast can be the saviour of almost any function event organiser, whether the function is a big get together at a hired venue or a corporate business function. You see, hog roast can satisfy both these needs and satisfy it in the style you want. Hog roast Bexhill style means taste and diversity together!

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Christenings are always a great excuse for a bit of a Billericay knees up but they are so often let down by decidedly unadventurous catering. How exciting can some cold chicken drumsticks and pigs in blankets really be? After all, you are celebrating a new life here so you need to do things properly. We are not talking a bit of a snack on a Saturday afternoon! A hog roast can certainly add a touch of something special to a christening, with tasty lean meat and excellent crackling for those that like something to get their teeth into. Everyone loves a good christening and your hog roast Billericay Christenings can become the stuff of local legend.

But hog roast’s alter ego as a formal main event food is also worth remembering, after all not everything is a party; serious stuff goes on too in Billericay. Charity auctions and fundraisers, governor meetings, business awards evenings, corporate hospitality; they all need something a little more formal to make a good impression, so why not step up to the mark and bring in a hog roast caterer. You may think that seems like a strange step after seeing hog roast served on rolls at events in Billericay but hog roast really does tick the box as a formal dinner solution. Hog roast can be presented beautifully on a plate with all the trimmings, it carves like the very best port (which it is, of course) and it has a distinct yet delicious flavour and texture which sets hog roast apart from anything else. The added beauty of a hog roast is that it is freshly cooked for all to see, not something you see with your typical formal dinners and it certainly adds to the special sense of occasion. So you see, hog roast Billericay style covers all the angles and really is the all in one catering solution, whatever the occasion or event.

It’s a real pity Gavin and Stacey has finished, because I’m sure that hog roast would have made a guest appearance at some point! Maybe that‘s a good excuse for a brand new series?