Hog Roast Binfield

Hog roasting dates back centuries it is recorded as the oldest method of cooking, and hog roasting today is still used in several countries around the world as it is used on a daily basis in some. In the UK we have embraced hog roasting but not on a daily basis more for special occasions. Hog roast Binfield catering are a company who specialise in hog roasting and are highly regarded and sought after in the catering field. From the leafy village of Binfield they are well known in the village. Hog roast hire Binfield employ twelve staff and have been established since 2005. They are a private company and the owners are old school at catering both husband and wife team both running successful businesses before joining together to form Hog roast Binfield catering they have also trained numerous staff over the years to the highest standard and everyone who has came through the ranks this way has had nothing but praise and admiration to say about the proprieters of this professional establishment. . With a huge amount of experience and well known in the catering world they were up and running in no time offering a unique catering experience.

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Once you are well established in the catering field you have no problem getting noticed and you are if being honest considered the elite! Hog roast hire Binfield have a very sophisticated website that really sets them apart from the rest as they have really put everything into the website and most of the orders they receive come from online. The website introduces you to all the staff which is really nice it gives it such a personal touch every member of staff has their picture on the website and a brief description of their catering back -ground and experience. The next page shows the machines they use and they are the latest models and they have quite a collection. The menu section looks so delicious and they have pages in glorious colour all leaping out of the page it sure makes you feel hungry when you browse through the menu section and the price list is fantastic each set meal is priced so this is ideal as you can work out how much you can afford to pay per person and you get an instant total no hidden extras. Their prices just cannot be beat. Question section is a good read and it tells you everything you need to know about them. There is a section dedicated to the suppliers it shows you where all the meat comes from the back ground checks the farmers have and shows you were the animals grase they have really missed nothing out and put so much effort into each section. And it shows just how dedicated they really are it is really fascinating! The Testimonial page is a credit to all the hard work they have put in over the past few years and it is full of praise not one single negative comment so they really must be doing something right! You can book your event easily and if you do have difficulty you can click on the live help section where someone is actually there not a virtual reality person like some sites they actually do have an operator who can guide you step by step through the process. They have also won awards for catering and you can view all the awards on the site along with the relevant documentation for clean hygiene standards to which they are outstanding! There really is no better place to hire a hog roasting event and once you visit the website you will be convinced. Hog roasting caterers are popping up all over at the minute and many are fly by night outfits so you have to be very careful when parting with your cash so always use a reliable caterer, one that is preferably recommended word of mouth is always a good sign and is how many good businesses build them selves up. Corporate events or large groups very welcome small parties too! If you are high up in a mountain or at the bottom of a stream they will get to you, north, east south or west no problem, summer, winter, autumn spring and around the clock they never stop and to be honest that is key to their success. Hot buffet or cold buffet your wish is their command go with a name you can trust the original hog roasters from Binfield.