Hog Roast Birkenhead

No here is an interesting fact about the River Mersey. The very first ferry across the Mersey dates back to when? You may be surprised by the answer. It was 1150! Apparently Benedectine monks built a priory in Birkenhead, thus the need for a ferry. That really is quite some time ago.

Of course, the Mersey ferry is still going strong all these years later although the boat technology used has probably advanced significantly since 1150, when a ferry crossing may not have been ‘plain sailing’. Birkenhead has advanced too and is now a thriving Wirral town of around eighty four thousand people.

So what do the good people of this busy Wirral town enjoy to eat when they attend special functions in the area? Is Birkenhead a place where catering habits are stuck firmly in the past or has it followed the growing trend of the rest of the UK? Are we seeing the rise of hog roast Birkenhead?

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Hog roast hire Birkenhead figures have probably shot up in recent years because there has been a significant rise in interest for this traditional feast. It is something that has been simmering along for a few years now but finally it seems that the hog roast is finally making a long awaited comeback on the event catering horizon. About time too, as hog roast is one of the treasures of traditional British cooking.

Where did hog roasts disappear to, you may ask. In truth, the hog roast never really went away but it certainly has kept a very low profile when it came to event catering, and that has been a great shame. What this has meant is years of distinctly unimpressive party and function food at events across the UK. I am sure we have all been to a Christening, Birthday ‘do’ or work function where the food has been found wanting. Well, with the return of the hog roast, it could be that dodgy Wirral function food will be a thing of the past.

So, do you have an event lined up soon or in the coming months? If so, it’s time to start thinking about the food, and if you really want to put up grim food or great food. Let me take away the decision making from you: just choose great food. That means that you will be having hog roast Birkenhead event, then! A hog roast is good news for all those will be attending your Birkenhead event, but what exactly do you have planned? And do you want to know more about how amazing hog roast is? Of course you do.

Hog roast is, to put it quite simply, food heaven. There really is nothing quite like hog roast for a special event, and because it is such a versatile meal, hog roast can suit pretty much any occasion you decide to throw at it. Of course, a lot of this versatility is down to the incredibly professional hog roast caterer who you have placed your trust in. Don’t worry, the hog roast caterer won’t let you down. If you are having a general party style event such as a family and friends garden party or a coming of age, you will hog roast is just perfect. The hog roast chef will delight your Birkenhead brigade with some really splendid and moreish hog roast rolls. Just add sauces for the ultimate party food. Hog roast rolls will put a bounce into your Birkenhead event.

But what if your event is a little more, how shall I put it, posh? Hog roast can do posh, too. The hog roast chef is quite adept at turning on the style and the deliciously slow roasted whole pig can be finely carved and served with crackling, apple sauce and potatoes for the ultimate gourmet pork dinner. There really is no excuse. Your Birkenhead event is crying out for that magic hog roast touch.