Hog Roast Birmingham

Birmingham. It’s not only one of the best known locations in the United Kingdom but also one of the most important too. Why, because in this city there are no less than six universities, making Birmingham one of the key locations for learning in the country, if not Europe. It is hardly surprising though, as Birmingham is the largest and most populous location outside the capital, thus the title the second city, with over one million people calling Birmingham (or Brum as it is affectionately known) their home.

Birmingham may not have the romance or fascination that other cities in the UK seem to possess but Birmingham does not seem too perturbed by this and it does the job of making a home for so many people very well indeed. Birmingham really is at the heart of the nation. It is also has a fairly good sporting history too. Don’t forget that this city is home to not one but two big teams in the shape of Birmingham City and Aston Villa, though both teams are not quite at the top of their game at the moment. Still, it just goes to show that Birmingham is not only a thriving education centre but one of sport too.

With so many people in such a large city as Birmingham, you can expect there to be a large number of places to eat out, and with the incredibly diverse ethnic make up of this city, you are certainly spoilt for choice in that department. However, when it comes to celebrating a special occasion then Birmingham is following many other UK towns and cities by developing a strong affection for a decidedly veteran style of catering. We are of course talking about hog roast Birmingham.

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If ever there was a comeback of all comebacks then it has to be that of this very old feast. Hog roast is not simply an old feast but a medieval feast! It dates back centuries to a time when catering was a word that probably had not even been invented. The roasting of a pig over an open fire would have been quite a sight to see and the flavours would probably have made a very pleasant change. Of course, hog roast would not have been a meal for the masses, in fact it was far more likely to have been a fixture of the more wealthier establishments!

So why did this beast of a feast fade away for so long? Well, it is not known but catering in the UK would have been a lot better over the years had it remained with us. What many people would have given for a hog roast hire Birmingham event to replace some of the abysmal efforts that have masqueraded as special event catering in the past. We must all have had to endure some very tedious evenings in the company of quite terrible event food that has exhibited all the excitement and taste of wet cardboard. Cold pizzas, chicken drummers, garlic bread and a platter of anaemic sandwiches hardly tickled the taste buds.

However, things seemed to change about 15 years ago. As more programmes on TV had chefs waxing lyrical about great quality ingredients being the key to a great meal, it seemed to dawn on many people that special event food should be just that: special. The way was open once more for great party food and that meant that we were soon to welcome the delights of hog roast hire Birmingham caterers into our lives.

Hog roast, it could be argued, has saved the catered for event. Where once many people would shiver in fear at the thought of another West Midlands evening event filled with terrible food, the hog roast has injected something that has been missing for many years, namely flavour. It is hardly surprising that flavour rules because every hog roast is freshly cooked using the very best ingredients, which means a locally sourced pig. And when you have a hog roast Birmingham caterer cooking the said pig for around six hours in order to give you that incredible hog roast flavour, you can’t go wrong. Each mouthful is full of amazing flavours that are impossible to beat. It is no surprise that hog roast is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for catering here in Birmingham and across the UK. It seems that flavour has won the day and that can only be great for everyone here in the second city!