Hog Roast Bishop’s Stortford

Do you love sport? And if so, did that have some effect on the choice of where you live? It’s an interesting question because sport is a major influence in the lives of many people in the UK. Many of us support a football, rugby or cricket team and a lot of us are keen cyclists or swimmers.

If you want to maintain your interest in sport or related fitness matters, having access to such facilities is probably of great importance to you. Some people simply can’t cope without their daily dose of gym exercise, jog around the park or weekly dose of five a side. Thankfully, if you live in Bishop’s Stortford, you could be well catered for. Swimming, gym facilities, golf, rugby and cricket are just some of the options available to the thirty five thousand people who live in this East Hertfordshire. So that’s all the sporty leisure facilities covered. But what about those other leisure and work activities that are just as important to a town like this? For instance, what do the people of Bishop’s Stortford like to eat at special events and parties? What is the food of choice at those all important business and corporate events? Is it still the same old seventies and eighties solutions that have plagued event catering for years, such as pizza, cold pasta and cold meats? Or have the people of Bishop’s Stortford seen the light and welcomed the hog roast back with open arms? Is this East Hertfordshire town now hog roast Bishop’s Stortford or is it still living in the catering past?

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Don’t get me wrong. If you like those old favourites then you stick with them, but think about your guests. Do they really go for those same old solutions? It may be time to grasp the nettle and go with one of the oldest yet trendiest catering solutions around. Go with hog roast hire Bishop’s Stortford and you will be making a very well informed choice. Hog roast is fast becoming the UK’s new darling when it comes to special event food. This really is an old favourite, Medieval in fact, but it’s the back to basics nature of hog roast and the incredible taste you get from the meat that is making hog roast a real twenty first century catering hit. Who would have thought it? Hog roast: a party food for the here and now!

So why is hog roast all the rage all of a sudden? Well, it’s hardly an overnight story. The hog roast Bishop’s Stortford story has been rumbling on for quite a while now, probably fuelled by desire for a new catering solution at events and parties. The younger generation is keen to try new things (even if they are actually pretty old) and hog roast ticks a lot of the right boxes.

For a start, hog roast uses great quality meat. The hog roast chef takes great care to choose only great pigs from a reputable source, and this goes some way to produce incredible tasting meat. Then there’s the slow roasting process, and by slow we mean six hours. It seems like a long time but six hours is what is needed to help those delicious flavours soak into the meat to create that intense flavour that everyone adores.

It’s not all about taste, though. Hog roast is a real hit when it comes to delivering value for money, too. A single whole pig can provide enough incredible tasting meat to feed around one hundred Bishop’s Stortford diners...probably more. If you were planning a small event, then perhaps it’s time to buy some extra invites.

Great meat, slow roasting and enough food for everyone. It sounds like catering Utopia, but what about the taste. Do you really need to ask? Hog roast is probably the best tasting, freshly prepared catering food you can sink your teeth into.