Hog Roast Bolton

I never knew that a survey had been conducted to find the friendliest people in Britain. Apparently there is such a survey and it was conducted by the British Science Association. It must have taken some researching, after all there are quite a few towns and cities to be going at in Britain. It appears that people from the town of Bolton are indeed the friendliest there is. That’s nearly one hundred and forty thousand happy people. Maybe they are so happy because they have discovered the wonderful flavours of hog roast? Perhaps the recipe for a friendly Bolton is a hog roast Bolton?

The people of Bolton may not have feeling to friendly when the town’s football team was relegated recently but it’s not all doom and gloom in this north west town. Did you know that Peter Kay comes from Bolton? He’s certainly a very friendly chap. And the steel used in the Olympics 2012 arena came from Bolton! I bet that was hungry work for the Bolton workers who built it and I am sure a hog roast would have gone down a treat.

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Hog roast is certainly a rewarding meal for those in Bolton with a good appetite. But, just like the Olympic arena construction (or indeed the Reebok Arena) good things take time. Take a good hog roast for example, it takes a long six hours’ cooking to achieve the optimum flavours from the hog roast for hungry Bolton diners. Hog roast is a change from the quick and bland meals that are often served at big events, and that’s good news for party goers of the hog roast Bolton variety, who don’t like compromises when it comes to food.

Compromise is bad. Compromising on flavour simply means LESS flavour and people soon get the hint that you are not bothered about treating your Bolton diners with respect. Serve them a hog roast however and your Bolton crew will be speechless as they will be savouring the incredible, succulent flavours of the perfectly roasted hog meat.

A hog roast caterer makes a Bolton event something special. If you have not yet been witness to a hog roast caterer in action then you really should make the effort to check one out. The hog roast machine is a fantastic piece of equipment and certainly makes a statement, and then you have the pig itself, which looks brilliant as it is slowly roasting away. The aromas that fill the venue (if you are indoors) are unbelievably good. A hog roast Bolton venue will have you licking your lips in anticipation of the serving of the meat, it is that good!

Hog roast is special and should be at the top of your list next time you have to arrange a special function or corporate event in Bolton. Someone told me once that Bolton comes from the olde English for ‘settlement with a special building’. Maybe the special Bolton building they are referring to is any building that can accommodate a hog roast caterer!