Hog Roast Brackley

Do you want to give your guests the most amazing day, do you want to give them the party with a difference but are stuck for ideas? Want something that will get everyone talking well then look no further give us a call at Hog roast Brackley catering we can offer you all that and more. Just exactly what is hog roasting? You may well ask, hog roasting is the oldest and simplest form of cooking and dates back to the first human inhabitants on earth. Today we have improvised the process and made it much more simple. We travelled the UK in search of only the finest machines and did extensive research before we embarked on Hog roast hire Brackley and then with our wealth of catering knowledge embarked on our venture! Here in the wonderful town of Brackley which is famous for its motor racing we thought it the perfect spot to lay down our roots! The town has a market dating back hundreds of years and we were fascinated with it when we first arrived. The locals were more than happy to point us in the right direction to the town’s best suppliers of meat and vegetables and after six years in business we are still using those suppliers today! Hog roast Brackley catering owe there success to the continued support of these wonderful people who go out of their way in ensuring we always have the very best in produce. We now have a fantastic website which shows everything we do, you can do everything with a click of a mouse by choosing what you would like to eat, telling us the place, date and time of your event and how many guests to cater for. Then leave the rest to us.

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We send you an email to confirm the order and you can rest assured the day will go without a hitch. We arrive at your venue long before the party begins as the pig normally takes about six hours to cook. Laden with all our equipment we set up and did we mention this can either be in door or out door as our machines can be used anywhere. Soon we have the meat cooking nicely and it isn’t long before the air is filled with the most delicious aroma, it really is a fantastic smell and one that always has guests chatting over! When the meat is cooked we carve and present the meat beautifully on the plates and then the fun time begins. The eating! It is so hard to put into words the taste of hog roasting and is without a doubt the nicest cooking method conventional ovens cannot come close. The meat retains all the natural juices sealing in the flavour and they say that we do eat with our eyes and the sight of our meat really works up an appetite. The meat falls away from the bone and melts in the mouth and is so tender. People are always so impressed when they taste a turkey cooked on our hog roasting machines as turkey is well known for being a dry meat and even top chefs using conventional ovens have a job cooking turkey, but it is no problem to us here at Hog roast hire Brackley our poultry always comes out plump and juicy and we are well known for our delicious poultry. We also hire out our machines to the general public and have been doing so for the past year, this has become very popular and looking to expand the business and buying more machines. We deliver one or more machines to your venue complete with gas bottle and we can also supply you with the meat if you wish. Most who hire our machines request a pig as ours come fully prepared are of the finest quality and ready to pace on to the machine. We give you a run down of the machines when we deliver them and also leave you with DVD fully explaining in simple form how to use the machine how to cook the meat and also tips on carving, it really is so simple and you don’t have to be a chef to use them. Lots of people like to hire them when they are organising a small event and one of our pigs go such a long way, so whatever you have planned and whether you want us to organise your day or organise the day your self give us a call we will be more than happy to help.