Hog Roast Bray

Hog roast Bray are the number one hog roast caterer in the area and we are here to give you a break from the usual boring catering that is usually available, we break the mould of the norm and want to supply you with amazing food fit for a king at your next function. We cover all size events large and small every size event can be covered by one of our quality cookers, the pork we serve up is fantastic for any event and can feed up to one hundred guests easily, great for big events and charity functions or for a fair we fit the bill for all occasions.

Hog roast Bray specialise in the art of rotisserie style cooking you may know it as spit roasting, its an old for of cooking dating back a long way but we bring the whole style up to date with modernised cookers that do all the hard work for you and supply the best tasting meats, its a great way to cook for lots of people yet keeping it simple for less hassle and problems on the day, if you are hosting an event catering problems need to be the last of your worries. If you are planning an indoor event that is fine too as our top of the range hog roasters are very versatile and can operate in most environments with ease a great way to prevent the weather becoming an issue and spoiling proceedings again another great way to cut out problems on your special day no matter the occasion it will surely benefit from this style of catering providing top class quality food with minimal fuss, worry and effort. If all these great reasons sound appealing to you and you also enjoy cooking and such then you can try our fantastic hire service where you take one of our hog roast cookers and do the cooking yourself once you have seen our cookers in action you will see how east they are to use, they are simple yet that does not mean they skip on quality its a great combination and the best way to provide catering with a difference, it beats pizza and pie anyway of the week hands down.

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Hog roast hire Bray can provide you with the produce which we must say is the best in the area and is only locally sourced ensuring fresh meats and fabulous seasoning the best the county has to offer, or if you have your own source then you can provide your own produce that is fine with us you just take one of our amazing roasters and have the party of the year with the best catering possible. We pride ourselves on customer service and food preparation and we know you will use our services again and again once you have tried this old yet modernised style of cookery, hog roast hire Bray only use the best available equipment which like we say is simple yet effective, the apparatus we use is the latest in roasting technology and is simple to use yet fully effective on the cooking side of things. If you use our top class hire service we will give you the full run down of how to use our equipment as well as advice on how to cook the meat of choice to the best possible standard, the meats we use are top quality and we have a nice range of produce available to us so don not think pork is the only thing our cookers can handle.

Lamb is on our menu being a beautiful soft meat its great for any style event and is a number one choice among our regular customers. White meat choices are also available with chicken and turkey being great for smaller events, game is also a great way to eat and our cookers can do that just as well so please ask us about any produce you might have in mind. Beef is also a great way to cater with prime cuts roasted to perfection on our roasters another fabulous piece of produce available to you. Fish can also be cooked on our roasters and we like to serve up wild salmon but if you have another fish in mind please just ask us and we will try and provide exactly what you want to compliment your day with the most original catering possible making sure it is one to remember for many years to come.