Hog Roast Brent

We bring unforgettable hog roasts and that's why we're the first choice for all events in Brent. We're specialised in roasting, using leading spit roast and tray roast techniques to create food that's outstanding in taste and presentation. Our hog roast is quality defined and that's why every day we're working on quotes for new clients, it's well known in hog roast Brent circles that if you want a first class, professionalised hog roast catering experience you come to us for it. If experience was a currency we'd be one of the richest businesses in the world, as we have a wealth of it. Organising and bringing the number one catering to events, private and corporate alike, is something that we've been doing for 10 plus years and unsurprisingly we've been getting better with age. When we started we had some of the best hog roast chefs in the land working for us and now we've added to that the greatest roasting equipment, event organisation specialists and a large service team of waiters.

Our hog roast Brent chefs, hugely talented as they are, play a vital role in selecting for your catering the finest produce from all corners of the country, with no shortage of top quality, fresh and regional ingredients. With mouth-wateringly fresh ingredients at hand, and with the help of our ever impressive machines, the chefs at your event will prepare appetising modern and classic dishes. With the best chefs and the best waiters on the team we guarantee results that others simply can't. Our proficiency in making hog roasts really is without any competition. With untold amounts of experience under our belts we're the hog roast company everyone wants to be, that all event organisers want to use. Our name is synonymous with top standard hog roasts. For clients in need of the best event catering or for hog roast connisieurs, we're the best selection for both.

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Roasting pigs and spit roasting other meats, whole and otherwise, is a cooking process that's been perfected over the centuries. From days of communities sitting around a spit pig, often wild hogs, with the warm embrace of an open fire to lift community spirits, to any number of royalty having exquisite roast dinners of turkey. To this day spit roasting is still a favourite amongst people of all backgrounds, for events of all calibers. That we can now spit roast even more perfectly any type of meat, with access to animals and specialist breeds from across the country and even the world, it's made spit roasting even more in demand than it was. And if anything spit or tray roasting, with pigs or any other option, looks a lot more visually outstanding than it used to. The beautiful glimmering steel machines used are a real feat of engineering, they look truly epic when accompanied by a whole pig or a series of whole chickens or turkeys skewered one next to the other.

Knowing catering as we do, we take every opportunity to get to know you and understand as best we can the event you're organising, so that we can utilise the best of our event management and culinary know-how to bring you the 10/10 service that we're noted for. You'll find no greater provider of professional food and service with a friendly approach than us. While we have ample selection of menus for you to mull over, we remain hugely flexible, embracing the undeniable benefits and quality of a bespoke catering package.

We strive to work out the price of catering for your event in no time and it many cases we can give you a quote immediately. If not we'll be back in touch come the next day. For a hog roast machine hire we always give you a quote there and then, so long as you know roughly the number of people you're expecting to feed for your event or business.

You can take hog roasting to a whole new level by securing a hog roast hire Brent machine for your own personal or commercial use and immersing yourself in the thick of the hog roast action. You get full control over what to cook with our roasting machines and have the same level of say on how long you hire a machine for. The flexibility of both giving you full reign to make roasts how you like and on your own watch. With the superb value of hog roast hire Brent there's nothing in the way of you enjoying a sizzling spit roast.