Hog Roast Brightlingsea

I am a hog roasting caterer and have been for a number of years now. I was asked, this past summer, to ply my trade at the annual Brightlingsea Free Music Festival. It's a fantastic well-known festival which hosts an eclectic array of musicians and, therefore, attracts an eclectic crowd. It was established in 2001 and even today, prides itself on remaining free of charge to all visitors.

Brightlingsea is a beautiful seaside area. It's been around since Saxon times and was, of course, an important place to gather shellfish such as oysters. In fact, this fishing industry was a mainstay of life in Brightlingsea and included an abundance of sprats as well.

There came, just before the Norman Conquest, a contract by the King to the five important Channel ports of the day that they should provide ships and men for the country. These were called the Cinque Ports and still exist today, but now only in a ceremonial way. There were 'limbs' to these ports back in the day, and Brightlingsea being a Limb of Sandwich, and was the only one that existed in Essex.

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I brought along my Titan hog roaster to Hog Roast Brightlingsea. The Titan is manufactured by The Spitting Pig Company. This machine is a real stalwart in the hog roast world because it's made of durable stainless steel and has the added ability of easy manoeuvrability. It can roast a hog up to 85 kgs, but with a two-day event, there's always the chance of making too much or too little in one day and the same again the next. Therefore, I made arrangements to purchase and have delivered, two locally-raised hogs at 40kgs each. I also brought along some whole potatoes for roasting alongside the meat. The fare was to be simple yet utterly delicious, as always!

Now, normally at large events, I would call on the hog roast hire Brightlingsea services available through The Spitting Pig Company. These services have time and again proved an invaluable part in making my business run smoothly. The Spitting Pig offers a flexible, affordable, and wide variety of menu items as well as staff to help provide the service. I don't know of any other company that would go to the trouble to offer hog roast hire Brightlingsea services to individuals. In fact, any individual can go straight to The Spitting Pig for their events, and they will include a chef with hog roaster, too! There's nothing left to chance and they are a very professional and reliable company to work with. But, for the most part, an outdoor event such as this requires simple, hearty fare, and it is also difficult to gauge how many might be in attendance; so in these situations, it's always best if I rely on myself to get by.

I took care to position the Titan in an area a bit away from the centre of the spectacle in case the smoke decided to blow in all directions, and I put up the marquee I often use at outdoor events to keep the worst of the weather at bay. To prepare the meat, my assistant and I only scored it, rubbed it with a special blend of herbs and spices, including salt which is essential for creating the best crackling, and then we hoisted the meat up onto the spit. It can take several hours for the meat to cook to perfection, and so I started the Titan up early in the day.

When the meat was ready, I began to carve it into large and small pieces. My assistant was then able to sell plates of meat and potatoes with rolls on the side, or smaller cuts placed into fresh rolls as sandwiches. We also served a few accompaniments with the meat to enhance the meal, such as sliced tomatoes, applesauce, gravy, and homemade sage and onion stuffing. I know the food was good because I saw the same people coming back for extra sandwiches throughout each day!

On the second day there were some torrential rains, but I think there's now a sort of romantic stoicism that runs through folk attending music festivals. Sort of in kinship with Glastonbury's mud, the people at Brightlingsea's Free Music Festival seemed pretty unfazed by the downpour and carried on regardless. I just made sure Hog Roast Brightlingsea continued as normal with the marquee remaining upstanding, and most importantly, the food being served hot and delicious.