Hog Roast Brighton

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside, don’t we? Perhaps not as much as we used. The heady days of the mass exodus to the seaside resorts up and down the UK seems to have calmed down somewhat over the years, probably thanks in no small part to the availability of cheap flights abroad to warmer and slightly more exotic locations. What? More exotic than UK resorts? Surely not?

The UK seaside resort still has its charms though and no amount of non-stop sunshine, thirty degrees heat and clear blue seas can stop millions of Britons flocking to our seaside towns year after year. After all, some of our resorts do have something quite special to offer beyond the donkeys, teeth breaking candy and kiss me quick hats. What about Brighton’s very own Royal Pavilion? This splendid nineteenth century building looks like it belongs in another part of the world thanks to its incredible Indo-Saracenic design. And what about the Brighton Festival, the annual event that provides a showcase for artistic talent? Brighton is a seaside resort with depth.

Maybe we can add to this list of Brighton’s virtues great special occasion food, too, for Brighton is following a growing trend in the UK that is transforming the world of event catering. Kiss me quick and serve me a hog roast Brighton style!

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Revolutions can be slow burning affairs and the hog roast revolution has certainly been slow in the making. This medieval feast has been a traditional meal served at large events for many years but it has seldom been seen at private functions, corporate events and garden parties until the last decade, when the hog roast hire Brighton brigade have become steadily busier with more and more events requesting their expert services.

Hog roast Brighton events are certainly making a pleasant change from the events of old where sorry excuses for special occasion food were being served. Maybe I am being picky but do cheese and tomato pizzas, chicken wings and cold sausages suggest special? I’m not sure they do. What really is special is when you can say to your guests ‘your meal is going to be cooked before your very eyes tonight’. Special is when you can ‘this is great quality meat that you’ll be enjoying tonight’. There is special and then there’s hog roast special.

A hog roast chef is going to take away all the stresses and strains normally associated with catering at a special occasion. This is what they do, and they do it brilliantly. The hog roast chef will ensure your Brighton hog roast uses the best quality meat that comes only from a completely reputable source. That meat (which is a whole pig) will then be treated to a significant and thorough slow roasting process of six hours. Slow roasting is a guarantee of great flavours in meat and hog roast really benefits like no other meal from slow roasting. The flavours really build up in the meat to produce incredible tasting pork and the crispiest crackling in East Sussex.

One of the perennial problems of the special occasion organiser is the budget and the numbers. It is a constant battle trying to keep both under control. With hog roast, you may be spared this dilemma. A Brighton hog roast is a surprisingly accommodating feast, with your typical whole pig able to provide enough meat to feed around one hundred hungry diners. Think about that: one hundred diners from a single hog roast. Your budget worries just vanished off the end of Brighton pier.

Hog roast is an all rounder, so it is no surprise that it is proving to be so popular once more. It’s great for your guests to watch as it is cooked by the chef, it is a quality tasting meal and it’s even a real Brighton budget buster. A Brighton hog roast chef is you new catering best friend.