Hog Roast Bromley

If your event needs a catering plan that little bit more impressive than usual, for taste and guest treatment, we're the king of kings of hog roasting. We know full well the value of top quality catering because that's exactly what we've been giving our clients for a great many years. We've seen the smiles on the faces of guests, seen the genuine appreciation from clients for pulling off mammoth catering requests successfully and with professional flair. We know what it takes to achieve 100% success, that's why you can't go wrong when you book us, as thousands off previous clients already know, as our testimonials will attest to.

We cater for just about all events. Each week we can be found helping to make a wedding, business function or a party a truly wonderful experience. Devising hog roast packages for even the most specific of event requirements. We've built up a hog roast empire that can make possible tasks from the most basic to the most detailed and massive. For everything you could need we can help you with, where we can't do something ourselves our background of experience and relationships with other companies put us in a tremendous position to help you find the best options at good prices, from marquees to protect from the unpredictable British weather, to simply making ourselves easy to get in touch with so that if something comes up we'll be here to make the necessary changes to your catering package.

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Hog roasting is a great catering choice for any time of year, it's not just the summer months that we're heavily booked for, our hog roast plans are just as popular for catering in the less busy months. A hog roast for bonfire night in autumn or a hog roast for the Christmas or new years celebration always are a big hit.

We have a personal relationship with all our farmers, staying in touch and regularly looking for new breeds and foods we can implement in our catering services. We have many connections so if you want something specific and special for your event, a certain breed or type of meat, let us know and we'll find a farm selling your favourite breeds and meats. Spitting different meats and roasting them is easy for us to do.

We source hog roast Bromley food for our hog roasts from all corners of the country, from lobsters fished in the north sea to the regional pigs we use as standard for our hog roasts. We get the very best produce, from the leading, ethical farming methods. We look to use regional farms where they're suitable, if they can provide what we want and the quality is good enough for our clients. We won't hesitate to go elsewhere if it means a superior hog roast event for you.

We've been branching out our hog roast services since the beginning, a big part of that along the way has been the creation of a Hog roast hire Bromley service that puts you in the drivers seat, so that you can hire a machine and make a spit or tray roast of any meats on your own terms. You can hire for months on end with the service, but if you're like most people you might just want a hog roast machine for a one off occassion and you'll be pleased to hear that we have an option for that too. You have the full range of spit roast selections as you would with our menus, even our bespoke menus, and by that we mean that with the machine you can spit or tray roast just about any type of whole animal, and if the animals to big a cut of meat tastes just as good roasting with our machine.

Hog roast hire Bromley is a cracking choice and one that you're certainly not going to forget any time soon if you choose it. It's great fun being on the other side of the hog roast machine, especially if you've never had a go before. The guests at your event will be blown away by the quality of food that you make with one of our machines. If you book your machine today we can have it delivered to you in next to no time. We have our only delivery service which is ever reliable and great for delivering to our clients time schedules. So what are you waiting for? We're waiting for you to call so we can tell you even more about our hog roast Bromley adventures.