Hog Roast Bungay

Ah, the big family and friends get together in Bungay is always something to look forward to. It’s something we’ve been doing now for twenty five years and it is always the highlight of the year for me. You see, when you have such a big family (I am the oldest of seven), it is always a problem finding time to meet up, so our November meet up is always fantastic. When you add all the adults, the children, the grandchildren and the friends together, it comes to about fifty of us...with more every year, it seems.

We used to hold the get together at mum and dad’s but now they are living in a sheltered flat, we hire a hotel for a day and have one big party. It’s great fun and now that we bring in a hog roast hire Bungay caterer, it really feels like a major event, which it is of course!

We had never considered getting a hog roast Bungay caterer in until last year. My youngest sister mentioned that she had been to a hog roast event at the local cricket club and that she and her kids had loved it, and her kids are particularly fussy eaters. When she discussed this with the others, we thought it sounded like a splendid idea and decided to give the hog roast hire Bungay caterer a call.

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They were very helpful and spoke to us about everything that we wanted. Well, we don’t like formal stuff as we are a bit of a mad Bungay bunch, so we decided on hog roast rolls (or ‘pig in a bun’ as I believe it is known). Well the day of our get together arrived and who should be the first person to arrive but the hog roast Bungay chef. We were very impressed at that, but then they explained that there was a very good reason for being so early. It seems that a hog roast certainly takes a good amount of time to cook. Apparently it is not simply because of the fact that it is a huge piece of meat (well, a whole pig actually) but because of the way hog roast needs to cook to develop its unique flavour. It seems that meat needs to slow roast to build up that ‘all important juiciness’ that makes hog roast so fantastic. It was going to take six hours and, unless the whole of the clan wanted to watch every hour of the roasting, it needed to be started off early. Well, we were not going to argue and we left the chef to it. We were already getting hungry just thinking about it!

Another thing that none us had thought of was how and where was the hog roast going to be cooked. I guess I showed my age by wondering whereabouts outside the chef was going to build a fire over which to prepare the pig...but I should have realised that there would be a far more modern solution than that, and there was. It was actually a very smart solution indeed. The hog roast machine was almost like a mobile spit but it looked great. I was particularly interested as I was a rather keen barbecue fiend and thought the hog roast machine looked fascinating. Apparently you can cook other meats on it, too.

Complete with the whole pig cooking away, it really did look a fantastic sight. The children and grandchildren loved it and everyone really was starting to look forward more and more to the time when the hog roast was ready.

Soon enough, it was serving time and the Bungay hog roast chef was utterly splendid, and professionally dealt with every one of us. But what about the food? Was it really splendid enough to grace our annual family occasion? Was it going to be a big hit or a huge disappointment? Well, just as my sister had forecast it was a roaring success. The hog roast rolls were stupendous and the apple sauce and crackling really were spot on. Absolutely everybody thought the hog roast was a huge hit, so much so that we have already booked the hotel and the chef for next year, we were that impressed. My daughter even wants hog roast for the wedding. At least that will be something that I know will be good value for money on her big day! Whatever your occasion, I and my family can wholeheartedly recommend a fantastic Bungay hog roast.