Hog Roast Bury St Edmunds

Some things never change. Commercials on the television are still as annoying as they were in the seventies, the MPs in house of commons still make those strange noises that they seemed to have made forever and the British summer is still decidedly British, namely the very occasional warm sunny day mixed in to about thirty wet and dismal ones. The British also like a good ghost story or horror, too. You’d think that in this modern day and age of debunking such stories that our love of such things would have diminished. Not one bit. Make it a pub with a pub and you have the perfect combination.

Such a combination exists in Bury St Edmunds in the shape of The Nutshell, the quite splendidly named pub near the marketplace, which also happens to lay claim to be the smallest pub in Britain. What the ghost’s name is or what form it takes is not known, and why it has chosen the tiniest pub in Bury St Edmunds to haunt is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it is a very small ghost indeed! Or perhaps it is a hog roast Bury St Edmunds ghost?

Maybe hog roast is too big a feast for The Nutshell but hog roast hire Bury St Edmunds chefs are no doubt noticing that their bookings are on the up as more and more people are turning to hog roast for the catering for their special events. It’s no surprise as hog roast really is the perfect catering solution for any Bury St Edmunds occasion.

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People are looking for more in occasion food. They are looking for food with intense flavours, freshly prepared with quality ingredients and of course great value for money. It used to be the case that meeting all those criteria was a nigh on impossible task but hog roast is slowly but surely changing that for good. The days of picking at soggy sandwiches and pineapple and cheese on sticks are long gone. Hog roast brings a whole new level of quality to birthdays, garden parties, fetes, corporate events and receptions.

Hog roast Bury St Edmunds events have quality right through them. It all begins with the chef choosing a great quality meat; it has to be a great pig from a truly reliable supplier to meet the demanding standards of the hog roast chef. Only great meat produces quality hog roast. Once the meat is sorted, it’s the roasting...and this is where the magic starts. The hog roast machine is a glorious looking piece of gear that will look wonderful in pride of place at your event. Of course, this machine is going to be home to the whole pig and is where it will slowly roast away for the best part of around six hours. Yes, six hours is the required time for the very best hog roast. It gives the meat time to mature in its own juices and helps it produce those remarkable, rich and juicy flavours that hog roast is renowned for.

Your Bury St Edmunds hog roast guests are going to love the taste and aromas of the meat, but how are you going to ask the hog roast chef to serve it? Is your event a wedding reception? Then you really want to put on the style and ask the hog roast chef to serve the meat in a formal manner, finely carved in a gourmet style. Served like this, hog roast really does look the business and will delight everyone with its presentation. Then again, maybe your function is a garden party for friends, family and neighbours? If so hot hog roast rolls with a selection of sources is sure to prove popular with the Bury St Edmunds clientel.

Hog roast is simply the best, trendiest and most delicious option when you are looking for event catering solutions. In a ‘nutshell; you could say hog roast is the Bury St Edmunds!