Hog Roast Canterbury

With over twenty years of touring the place providing hog roast Canterbury services you can take it from us Canterbury is an amazing place. Every which way you turn in here you’re confronted by reminders of a long and distinguished history. From all manner of listed buildings to the magnificent cathedral itself there’s simply no getting away from it. Why would you want to? Certainly for our chef and griddle teams there’s little doubt that a hog roast Canterbury style is proving to be more popular than ever. We’re proud to be combining the best of a dining tradition that predates The Canterbury Tales with a modern delivery style that clearly appeals to the people of this beautiful corner of the South East of England.

There’s no great mystery to it, really; sensational food, expertise at your beck and call and a bespoke culinary adventure that your guests will remember ever afterwards (or at least until next time!). In other words, we provide maximum impact with minimum fuss. Chaucer may be long gone, of course, but on our travels around Canterbury and the neighbouring areas we’ve learned to expect the unexpected… and being in such demand means we could tell you a few Canterbury tales of our own! You see, on Monday we’re catering at Molly and Steve’s wedding anniversary. Tuesday sees us out Rough Common way for an exciting community fete and the following afternoon it’s a full-on black tie corporate reception overlooking the Stour. Thursday it’s a family re-union for the Jamiesons in Tyler Hill and on Friday… well, you get the picture. The point is they’re all up for the kind of hog roast Canterbury won’t forget any time soon and that’s where we come in.

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For over twenty years we have been providing wholly bespoke culinary adventures for people. Picture the scene… a huddle of hungry guests all drawn magnetically to your centrepiece as it spits and sizzles slowly on it’s way to becoming a superb, succulent golden brown, complete with the heady aromas your guests will find totally irresistible. Tranches of freshly baked bread (or one of our legendary floured rolls), stuffed with a selection of thick, melt-in-the-mouth slices of top quality meat (all pre-selected by you) and complemented with your choice of tangy speciality sauces. Mustard, Apple, BBQ… nothing to stop you trying them all, of course..! That’s the magic of Canterbury hog roasts. Unlike other companies we never cut corners when it comes to good food.

All our ingredients – and certainly the hog you choose – are sourced from organic and, where possible, local suppliers. From cracking canapés to fabulous desserts we prepare all our food on the day (or night!) so that your guests get the very best food at the optimum moment. Oh and if you have any vegetarian guests attending they won’t miss out as we can provide them with their very own spit roast. It’s such a unique and fun way of dining we’d hate anyone to miss out. Our Event Planners work with great care to make sure you can relax and enjoy the occasion because they’ve got everything under control. Our dedicated chefs and service staff will do the rest.

On the other hand, maybe you’re the more adventurous type of host? Why not have a go at running the roast yourself? You’d be surprised how often people enquire for a hog roast hire Canturbury event. Canterbury is full of people who enjoy a challenge, it seems! We’ll be delighted to oblige; from delivering bottled gas and all the equipment and tools you’ll need through to a professional chef (for a little expert guidance when you need it). Whether it’s for a select soiree or a full-on Cricket crowd, a relaxed family buffet or a formal black tie event, with an hog roast you’re guaranteed to make a great impression.

We know how satisfied previous customers are but it’s your feedback we value.