Hog Roast Chelsea

Chef and Griddle hog roast Chelsea catering has just got better! We've added new equipment and new menus to our name, and we've even brought on board some new first class hog roast chefs and assistant chefs to really start your event off with a bang. But that's just the half of it, because we've found several new pig farms from across the lands who're helping us cope with growing hog roast catering demands by providing us the tastiest free range pigs.

The pigs we cook are decided by the details of event, particularly the number of heads to feed. We have pigs in all their sizes, sourcing different sized pig for different sized events is childs play for us. The maximum weight for a pig we can cook is over 90kg. To put that into perspective, the average British male is a whole 10kg lighter than that. A pig of that size can provide a monolithic banquet, one big enough to feed hundreds of people - and scrumptious by every measure.

With pigs of that size we can engage your guests visually and really give them an appetite. It's easy to get excited if your a guest at a party, wedding or other celebratory event and there is a chef there with a huge, wholesome, succulent spit pig in motion.

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Even a small pig will look spectacularly tempting when contrasting with our hog roast machines. They're truly brilliant and only add to the appearance of the shiny, sizzling roast pigs.

It's easy to think about catering as just good food, something for your guests to enjoy with the bonus that it keeps your guests appetites low. As hog roast caterers we know that's only one element of good catering, the often overlooked element is catering that can entertain, bedazzle and capture imagines while the cooking is actually happening. That's what our hog roast packages can give you, entertainment throughout the event, even while chefs are hard at work with a pig, long before any food is served, you'll be glad you booked us for hog roast Chelsea because we have the capacity to simply mesmerize.

We do lots of food for your events, aside from pigs. There are canapes, starters and desserts aplenty with our menu packages. The selection for each being as mouth watering as the hog roast itself. Pig is optional in all but a few of our menus. For most you get the pick of different spit roast choices. We can spit and roast whole turkeys or chickens, whole pig or lamb, a large chicken kebab or a sirloin of beef. The spit roast choice can also be tray roasted if that's preferrable to spit roasting.

There is also a choice of side salad and potatoes with most of our menu packages, to accompany and give a fuller spit roast experience. These sensational sides are a fitting match for our hog roasts, they're every bit as tasty and the presentation will impress almost as much as the hog roast will. Who could argue with a sizzling starter, followed by a succulent spit roast pig served with side salad and great potato options such as jacket potatoes or new potatoes in a heavenly herb butter.

With all these magical food and service choices you might expect that we'd have trouble offering such fantastic for large events, but that couldn't be any more wrong. As the hog roast process and preparing food is alltogether more simple with our hog roast machines, the outcome is that we can take on events of great size. There is none better for large event catering than us, our qualities are maintained in spite of event size. Invited thousands of people to an event? No problem, we're the hog roast caterer to call on!

And that's not all, because where we can easily hog roast for hundreds, even thousands, so can you! We've been secretly at work these last few years making even more new hog roast hire Chelsea spit roast machine models, all of them at the cutting edge of culinary hog roast technology, all of them even easier to use them before. They're beginner friendly, whether you've made 100 hog roasts or it's the very first time making one, you'll have absolute success with a Spitting Pig model machine. hog roast hire Chelsea prices are competitive and the machines have three different hire options for a days hire, a weeks hire or a months hire. Contact us today to discuss hog roast hire options, we're tell you all about the different machines and which will be perfect for you.