Hog Roast Chertsey

The town of Chertsey is one of the oldest recorded locations in England which exists beside the river Thames. It has a Georgian-styled bridge, town hall and church, all of which are grade II listed structures. A Georgian mansion provides another attraction of grand repute; doubling as a nursing home, it also has a practical use. Another example of historical interest is St Peter’s hospital which was originally opened for victims of WWII in 1939.

Aside from questions like “What’s the biggest pig you’ve ever roasted?” or the timeless classic “Will a hog roast machine fit into my briefcase?” I am often asked about where is the best place to stage a hog roast? Such is the nature of my job that I can’t recall an unpleasant one, but a hog roast hire Chertsey is a fine place to start when speaking of my favourites. I have probably done close to ten hog roasts here but the great chiming of St Anne’s church reminds me of one in particular.

The people who lived here were in close proximity to the Catholic Church which lets you know all about it on the hour, every hour. I thought it certain that they’d have trouble sleeping but they assured me otherwise in a sort of chirpy, reticent manner. They were in fact some of the most laid back people I’ve ever met, a family quartet with a young girl and younger boy. All were very well dressed in clothes that looked like they’d just come from the factory. Such was their serene yet orderly nature that I got the impression that each played their part in maintaining complete harmony within the family.

They were all very sure of what they were eating; even the debonair toddler looked upon me with an unflinching leer. To begin we shipped out the roast beef in Yorkshire pudding for everyone, neatly presented and steaming hot. As fork met food they kept themselves to themselves. Upon completion of meal #1 they waited in virtual silence for the young boy to finish who (understandably) ate the slowest. This silence wasn’t of the uncomfortable kind as each were thoroughly employed with respecting the peace.

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These quieter groups allow for longer periods of introspection, and this instance I thought about what it is that sets hog roasting apart from other eating expeditions. For a start, when it is quiet, everybody can hear the great sizzling of the meat which could pass as an auditory massage. From there I considered what was to come and silently confirmed to myself that one of the great things about a Chef & Griddle hog roast is the selection. The fact we specialise in pig renders one perfectly unaware of our polyglot menu. With respect, these people were evidently aware of our versatility. They ordered a batch of homemade gourmet sausages, and after consuming some mini pizzas I nearly forgot that they were waiting on spit-roasted chickens.

With no pork in sight these plump beauties were granted centre stage. When cooked well it never ceases to humble people how juicy chicken can be. Most seek refuge in various sauces after cooking it for a smidgen too long, however, our poultry retains its natural moisture like a giant camel, and when your tongue involuntarily salivates over that spice-infused skin you’ll require a personal moment to snap yourself out of this divine reverie.

Our stomach-caressing garlic potatoes were ready for lift-off, and when enough space was made for our classy crispy Thai salad it culminated in a brilliantly balanced meal. They say threes a crowd, but not when food like this is in question!

Near the conclusion of this hog roast hire Chertsey we were close to underwhelmed due to the lack of reception on our customer’s behalf. And then, just when I was done ridding the lawn of foreign debris the father took my hand and disclosed a hearty thank you. For a man so terse with his offerings I knew it meant far more than a slew of kind words we’ve received down the years. A hog roast Chertsey can mean many things depending on where it is that we deliver one. For a gathering of young professionals on the outskirts, for a retirement party, or for a family unit as mentioned above, each is different, but all are linked by that infallible denominator known as great food. If your concept of great food is a little shaky, please pick up the phone and allow us to provide a delectable demo with all the trimmings.