Hog Roast Cheshunt

Cheshunt is a large town, home to many commuters. It has a long history dating back to Roman times when it was a settlement. Cheshunt has its own football clubs and a long tradition of cricket. There’s a shopping centre and lots of shops here. Singer Cliff Richard once lived here, and in Tudor times Queen Elizabeth I lived here as a young princess. It’s a busy town, but we get a lot of business.

We are hog roast caterers in Cheshunt. We offer hog roast Cheshunt, a catering service which includes crackling, bread rolls and serviettes as standard. We also offer hog roast hire Cheshunt , a hiring service where clients can hire our hog roast machines, for those who prefer to do it themselves and don’t require catering.

Catering around Cheshunt is a lot of fun. It is also very varied. Because there are a lot of offices and large national corporations here, we cater for a lot of corporate events and office parties. Yet the bulk of our business still comes from – well, everyone: we’ve catered for or hired machines out for birthday parties, weddings, retirement parties. And we have catered for community and public events too; for local organisations, charities and local authorities. We do any kind of event here at hog roast Cheshunt.

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I like books, and one of my favourite jobs ever was catering for a publishing company in a hotel in Cheshunt. We’d got there in good time as we usually do here at hog roast Cheshunt, put up the balloons and soon had the hog roast turning in the machine. I got to talk to one staff member whose role it was to decide if manuscripts should go on to the next stage to be considered for publication. She was telling me about everything they look for in a manuscript. It’s not only the quality of the writing, but also whether anyone is interested in the content. And apparently it takes two years for a manuscript to become a published book. I was talking to her and the events manger (with whom our team had collaborated on setting up the room for the event) for a while, until everyone started to arrive. I still remember very clearly carving and serving the roast. It smelled delicious, and the guests enjoyed it a lot. We always use applesauce and spices to bring out the flavour here at hog roast Cheshunt.

Although I enjoy catering and providing good customer service, we do a lot of hog roast hire Cheshunt too. Today we delivered a hog roast machine for a party in a community centre. A local band was celebrating their recent success. I’d never heard them play, but one of our team had – he said they were good. We loaded a hog roast machine into the van and drove over there; we found the place easily enough. We wheeled it inside and I plugged it in and then checked it was working properly (which we always do here at hog roast hire Cheshunt). I suggested they use applesauce to bring out the flavour, and we helped the band put their roast into the machine. The band was two girls and three boys; they had a guitarist, drummer, front singer, someone on keyboard (who was sometimes a backing dancer) and a backing dancer. The guitarist gave us a little preview, playing us a popular rock song on her guitar, and the lead singer (her boyfriend) and the drummer (who I later learned was her sister) joined in. They’d just come from doing a gig in a local bar. I thought they sounded quite good.

Then we had to leave to deliver another hog roast machine to a pub who were putting on a themed night. The pub was on the other side of Cheshunt and we got stuck in traffic, but we got there in time. We wheeled the machine in, plugged it in and did the usual checks. They were hiring the machine for several hours, longer than usual.

When we came back here, the chefs and kitchen staff were scurrying around, busily preparing a hog roast for a birthday party we were to cater in the function room of a local pub later on that evening. It already smelled good and it wasn’t even ready yet. Things are always a bit hectic here at hog roast Cheshunt, but it’s a rewarding job; you meet lots of people. I wouldn’t change it for the world.