Hog Roast Chorley

Here at hog roast Chorley, we’ve noticed that people nowadays want something different when it comes to catering. They want a service which really focuses on their specific needs for their events; a service which realises that no two events will be the same. This means a service which offers a great deal of flexibility, so that you don’t have to change your plans to fit in with what the caterer finds most convenient. Here at hog roast Chorley, it’s our ethos to go the extra mile so that no one need be disappointed.

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Of course, the core ideal has never changed – that is, to serve up delicious food at your event, so you can enjoy yourselves to the full. And that’s why we’ve never lost sight of the mainstay of our business; deliciously spit-roasted meat – from hog roasts all the way to traditional barbecue fare. It’s with hog roasts that we made our name, and we are committed to maintaining its quality – that’s why, for instance, we did not use any pre-existing spit-roast machines; we designed our own custom built spit-roast machine, to ensure that our roasts are cooked to our exacting standards, and also to ensure greater levels of cleanliness and hygiene than would have been afforded by other models. We carry on this attitude in every department; for instance, we only chose stock and ingredients from the most responsible and well-run sources and suppliers. Similarly, we make sure all our chefs are not only capable of cooking all our pre-existing menus, but are proficient enough to accommodate each customers own custom, specific requirements – this ensures that talk of our attention to your desires isn’t just empty talk, we can deliver on our promises here at hog roast Chorley. That also means that, aside from spit-roasts, we offer a huge range of complimenting starters, canapés, desserts and side dishes, to ensure that meat-lovers, and vegetarians and vegans alike, are sure of a complete dining experience.

In the past, hog roast Chorley has catered at almost every type of event conceivable, including: weddings, small parties (as little as 10-20 guests), large parties, corporate events, charity fundraisers, fun fairs, festivals (music or otherwise), staff dinners, and more. When we say catered, we tend to mean actually going to the event and taking care of everything – but that’s not always the case, because we run a fully fledged rental service, which enables you to hire one of our innovative machines for your own private usage. We can lend you machines for as much as one month, or as little as a day or even an afternoon. We can help you with learning how to use the machines, and we’ll give you some top tips to make whatever food you cook turn out delicious. Similarly, we can supply you with a pig or other animal or joint if you don’t wish to source your own.

We hope hog roast Chorley has you intrigued enough to contact us about your event; our dedicated office staff will speak with you to go about crafting the catering for your perfect day.