Hog Roast Cobham

St Andrew’s church may look like any other religious setting. Upon closer inspection this 12th century building is odds-on to leave an impression on you. The surrounding grass is lovingly maintained, out of which stand tombstones that are attractively free of vegetative damage. Meandering pathways lead you around the splendid structure which boasts a rich red roof and solid grey tower. The lively brickwork and impeccably crafted arched windows speak of a place that is of general (not just holy) importance. Originally cast in Norman times, visitors get a whiff of that historical pedigree.

It is the centre piece of a town both visibly and economically rich. My stand out memory regarding a hog roast hire Cobham involved a group of former football players. It’s a bit of well-known trivia that many Chelsea players reside in Cobham; these gentlemen weren’t quite as prestigious as those boys but there was no doubting their ability as they used a combination of feet, heads and shoulders to keep the ball airborne for an impressive amount of time. When I asked them whether they’d ever had a hog roast Cobham before, I was surprised to hear them reply in the negative. The house we pulled up at, while not overwhelming, was sizeable and well kept. After a few more moments I got the impression that their pockets were well-lined, and so our services must have made the same deficit in their bank account as hotdogs do to your average Joe’s.

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The neighbouring houses gave us a wide birth which permitted you the opportunity to take in some of the rustic scenery. Full glasses of beer and happy faces set the scene, and in less than half an hour everything was in position for an afternoon of gluttony. Our Spanish quiche got things underway, an underrated classic to be sure! I was not the only one amazed that this had been ordered, and a certain somebody received a good deal of stick for doing so, but when everybody had reluctantly tried a piece it was demolished in vulture-esque fashion.

The quiche is one of the most mischievous pastry dishes because of its thick and varied selection of ingredients. Of course the purpose of adding any ingredient is so you can taste it but too often is the pasty to thick, the cheese to prevalent or the vegetables fighting over the lasting flavour. The Chef & Griddle quiche is another example of a perfectly balanced meal; the pastry provides the mould without being too dry, the earthy flavour of the field mushrooms are complimented by the snap of the sweet onions, and the capsicum peppers gives your palate that extra treat just when you think you’ve sussed its taste.

A well-dressed fellow joined the party later on who was on good terms with all of them. As it turned out the young man was an architect who I overheard praise the condition of the Norman tower. Perhaps it’s because of the rowdy stereotype, but I found it particularly refreshing that such a person was friends with passionate football fans. Listening to him delineate the archaic structure with his terminology reminded me about the condition of the food which was taking on that lovely charred nature. Some mistake the art of charring for burning, but don’t get confused. You may think of it similar to caramelising an onion which produces that deeper flavour.

The pork was (naturally) very well received. After a moment of sumptuous reflection a friendly kick about ensued having blessed them with another batch of pork sandwiches. They did their best not to let the apple sauce seep out of the bread bun as they twirled about in manoeuvres I don’t think I’ve attempted since I was 12. Eventually it became evident that digesting food and running about doesn’t mix very well, and so they sat down within 10 minutes and got down to some serious eating!

Many were convinced that the lamb was our best dish. We’re not about to swap our signature offering but I could see where they were coming from. The added fat makes its something of a more indulgent meat than beef. And though certainly not rare it tends to be used less than chicken, pork and beef so it usually makes for a welcome change. As these gentleman wholly co-signed a hog roast hire Cobham is no small thing; a barbecue on steroids still falls short of the mark. You owe it to your taste buds to try chow like this.