Hog Roast Colchester

Colchester famously mentioned in The Annals of Ancient Rome, today it’s one of the fastest growing towns in England. This hugely popular commuter town was once the Roman capital of Britain and the people here are rightly proud of their history and sense of traditional values. That’s not to say they dwell in the past, however; far from it. This is a busy, bustling, dynamic place that knows how to work hard and play hard too! That suits us here at chef and griddle down to the ground because we combine a traditional cooking style that harks back to Roman times with a few contemporary twists of our own. Seriously, if we’ve a mission in life it’s to create a truly memorable dining experience; the kind of bespoke hog roast Colchester will find irresistible. Such a busy diary suggests we must be doing something right …

On Friday evening we’ve an appointment in the Officer’s mess (can’t say more – all top secret!), then on Saturday afternoon we’re catering for Bernie and Karen’s Silver Wedding barbecue over Dedham Vale way. Monday it’s a special informal ‘thank you’ party for the staff of a certain well known retail chain (not just any retail chain!). Tuesday sees us at a wedding reception at the Zoo of all places… the list goes on with no two days alike: hog roast Colchester style!

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Being adaptable means we can cater to a wide range of events, from small indoor family get-togethers to a large, ravenous Beer Festival crowd outdoors at the Arts centre. With the right planning there’s enough to feed an army (handy, really, given Colchester’s long military history...!). Just about the only thing we can’t guarantee is the weather but we do carry gazebos to combat any rain and portable lighting systems ensure the fading light will make little difference either.

Our philosophy is simple; we want to give you maximum impact with minimum of fuss. We never cut corners with any of our food. All our ingredients are organic and we do our best to ensure, wherever possible, they’re all sourced locally. Even the spectacular hog you choose will come from a local specialist farm… all ready to become a crisp, glorious golden brown centrepiece for your special occasion. Once you’ve smelled the heady aroma, seen the spit revolving slowly over an open flame, chewed the crunchy crackling and savoured the mouth-watering meat… well, all other mealtimes will become a distant second, frankly! Add to this our range of delicious tangy sauces (the mustard and BBQ are great but our apple sauce is most popular) and our legendary floured rolls and the scene is set for a culinary adventure your lucky guests will not forget in a hurry. We can even accommodate your vegetarian guests with their very own veggie spit roast!

Under the watchful eye of our professional chefs all the home baked bread is prepared fresh on the day. Same goes for our potato and side salad options. Finally, what better way to round off a spectacular dining experience than to indulge yourself with one of our delightful desserts? Our preparation and delivery makes it all look effortless.

People often ask if they can run their own hog roast hire and we’re only too pleased to help with our hog roast hire Colchester. Colchester is full of adventurous hosts willing to give it a try it seems (maybe because our chefs are there throughout to offer expert advice and guidance when needed)! We deliver the machinery, gas and utensils you need direct to the venue… and of course we’ll remove any waste and collect the kit again when it’s all over. All thought out and planned to the last detail. So, with our friendly and helpful staff looking forward to your call (and with apologies to any Ancient Romans out there) all that remains is the loyal toast:

Those about to dine… Salute you!