Hog Roast Crieff

We are proud to be part of this wonderful town and consider our selves elite in the catering field. Crieff is a beautiful little town which is very popular with tourists boasting historic castles and old buildings I felt content knowing that I would be serving the town folk of Crieff well and have done so for many years. When you book a party with us you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Our friendly operator will take your details and one of our specialists party organisers will call you back and arrange to meet with you in person either you can come to us or we will come to you we always think meeting face to face is best whenever possible. Our party organiser will explain exactly what it is we do which is offer hog roasting at its best! Hog roast Crieff catering have vast experience and have catered for thousands at any one time so we know what it is like to work under pressure but our experienced staff are professionals and never buckle under pressure! Hog roast hire Crieff ask you about numbers and then we chat to you about what you would like to eat. We can arrange a menu to fit any budget and we tell you that you don’t have to have our menu you can design your own. Hog roast Crieff catering use only the finest machines and these machines can be used in door too! Long gone are the days of spit roasting with an open fire producing smoke! Our machines have simplified the process and make no mess at all.

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We ask you if you would like a pig for your event? Most do as the pig is the novelty and main reason most want to hog roast. Rest assured that your pig will come from the most select farms and will be one hundred percent fresh we travel far and wide to ensure our produce is always of the highest quality and we use reliable well known suppliers that have the best names in the country. We never ever go for the cheapest option we only ever go for the best! But that does not mean you will be charged a fortune we order in large numbers and have accounts with our suppliers enabling us to get great deals on meats and we always pass on that saving to our customers and they are always pleasantly surprised when they find out the cost. We will then discuss what dishes you want cooked to accompany your meat? Whether you would like a buffet with the meat of a main meal we can supply either or both. After the arrangements are all finalised and the date booked we then tell you to forget about the catering side as it is all taken care of and we ask you to just relax as you are in safe hands. On the day of the event we are there bright and early setting up our equipment quietly and to be honest you won’t know we are there! We get the pig on the go first thing as it takes about six hours of slow roasting to cook the pig and normally we like your guests to see just the last hour of cooking as it would be silly to have your guest waiting six hours to finally eat. All you have to do is arrive at your event with your guests as our staff are well briefed about the day and know exactly what needs to be done. As soon as you walk in to your event the first thing that will strike you will be the smell! The air filled with meat cooking really is a joy! And after five minutes of inhaling the aroma you and your guests will have worked up an appetite! The fun part is next and always gathers a huge crowd and most cases a round of applause. Everyone young and old wants to witness the carving it really is amazing to watch and you will be served the meat nice and hot and fresh! I cannot even begin to describe the taste words do not do it justice! Hog roast hire Crieff will serve and clear away everything we insist you do nothing! We leave you knowing we have done another good job as customer satisfaction is what we are all about our aim is to please at every event and we are proud to say we always do so.