Hog Roast Crowthorne

I have been in the catering field for over twenty years working for numerous companies and gaining vast experience over the years. I always wanted to start up my own business but to be honest I was a little afraid thinking that perhaps I might be making a mistake as after all I had a steady job with a good income. Then three years ago I decided to take a chance as I was moving to Crowthorne a wonderful little village. Crowthorne is a close knit village and everyone knows one another I had always wanted to live in this quaint little village and now felt sure it was perfect to set up my hog roasting business too. I was given a really warm welcome into the village and my business was greatly accepted in no time at all I felt like I had lived in Crowthorne all my life! Hog roast Crowthorne catering began it really was an emotional day the first day of the rest of my life! I didn’t have a great deal of cash so I bought just the basics one machine, equipment and traded my car for a small van. With the help of a family member I was away on my first job a small birthday celebration for fifty five guests, we were really nervous before the event and I didn’t sleep the night before but I need not have worried as the day went amazing! We arrived there and once we set up the equipment and got the food on the go our nerves had gone as cooking always felt so natural. We put up our board Hog roast hire Crowthorne and I felt a twinge of pride it advertised our phone number and to be honest that was as much advertising as I could afford! Before we knew it the guests were tucking into the food as quick as we were laying the food out the food was gone.

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The lady who’s birthday it was came over and personally thanked us for a wonderful day she said she had never tasted food like it and she said she would like to book us again for her Daughters 30th Birthday the following month and she did! This time Hog roast Crowthorne catering was catering for one hundred and fifty and we hired another machine got a friend to help and we were away, again such a huge success and from those two parties alone we ended up with orders that kept us going for the next year! My two helpers are now my full time staff and I also now employ another five we have more machines, a bigger van and just recently moved into larger premises. Hog roast hire crowthorne have been so lucky that things just fell into place we really didn’t have time to think about it we just went along with the flow! Our new premises has a large garden to the rear and I am in the process of getting new top soil for it as I have decided to grow my own vegetables for the business! I have always been an avid gardener and grew vegetables before the main reason is I know my vegetables will be really fresh and I was having trouble keeping them fresh but at least now I can pick it when I need it, I cannot wait to get stuck in! We have a very full order book already and are travelling to the other side of the country next week so that will be exciting, just so pleased the snow has finally gone. We are looking forward to our third year in business and I am really pleased I took the risk and branched out alone as I really couldn’t be more pleased and with the help of my fantastic workers I just know we will continue to grow! We have also teamed up with some fantastic suppliers of meat, farmers with fantastic reputations we are really excited about having the new members on board and they already feel like part of the family, before we never had anyone reliable. We really are branching out this year with our new vegetable plot, meat suppliers and we are contemplating a new big van where we can fit lots of machines in for our large events now that would be nice, yes I do think a new van will be next on the cards I really think we have worked hard enough so we more than deserve one!