Hog Roast Croydon

Way, way back in 1086 when the borough we now call ‘Croydon’ was listed in the Domesday Book as Croindene it proudly boasted a mill and an impressive 365 inhabitants. It’s fair to say it’s come on a bit since then! Now reputed to be London’s third central business district (after Docklands and the Square Mile, if you’re asking) this hugely popular, bustling commuter town knows a good investment when it sees one. The teams here at chef and griddle certainly get a real sense of tradition and history as they travel all over the area delivering bespoke hog roast dining experiences: hog roast Croydon style!

Little wonder people enjoy our hog roasts when we offer an ancient and traditional cooking method in a very contemporary style. It’s proving increasingly popular too. On Tuesday we’re catering for Sam’s retirement party in Croham (say nothing – the party bit’s still a secret!), Wednesday we’re in Broad Green for a silver wedding anniversary and on Friday we’ve got a big marquee event for a global blue chip company by the Fairfields Hall. The list goes on from there but no need to bore you; you get the general idea. Faced with so many varied settings and themes means we have to be organised, creative and very flexible in our approach. Great planning is the key. Our dedicated Event Planners work closely with you the host to ensure every detail is covered. We take care of the logistics and take the weight off your shoulders so you can have a great time and focus on your special guests. Our aim is for you to enjoy the kind of hog roast Croydon (or at least your special bit of it) will remember for a long, long time afterwards.

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Got a special occasion looming? A birthday or a graduation or maybe that an important deal-clinching black tie dinner..? With professional chefs, top quality food and very friendly service staff we are ready for just about anything. The ingredients we use are always organic and, wherever possible, locally sourced. This includes the magnificent hog you’ll have pre-selected which will come from a specialist farm. Our menus are varied and allow some very exciting options for building a truly memorable and exciting dining experience. The chefs prepare all the food on the day so it’s as tasty and fresh as possible. Freshly baked bread and floured rolls, crisp canapés, tangy speciality sauces (the BBQ’s great but you must try the apple!) and a great selection of potato and salad options to choose from… and at the heart of it all a beautiful , golden brown hog slowly sizzling and basting itself over an open flame. Intoxicating aromas, juicy melt-in-the-mouth meats and crunchy crackling too! If you’ve any room left after that you can indulge yourself with one of our delicious desserts to round off this amazing culinary event.

We’ll also take excellent care of any vegetarian guests you might have. When we organise a veggie spit roast just for them they’ll get to experience the fun and unique nature of this time-honoured dining style too. Whether you’re indoors or out we guarantee a great time will be had by all. One thing we can’t guarantee is the weather, of course, but carrying portable gazebos and lighting systems means the rain and fading light can’t put a dampener on your special event.

On the other hand, if you’re a bit more adventurous you may fancy running the roast yourself? With the help of our Hog Roast Hire, Croydon people have been doing just that for ages. We’ll deliver all the machinery, bottled gas and cooking utensils you’ll need direct to the venue (and we’ll collect and remove it afterwards at your convenience too). With one of our talented chefs on hand throughout to offer a little insider know-how, it’ll soon be your turn to make it all look effortless!