Hog Roast Dartford

When you look into the history of a town, it is always fascinating to thing what was actually going on there all those years ago. A little imagination can be wonderful when you try to picture the scenes that would have been commonplace back then, and when you are thinking back to medieval Britain then things really would have been very different indeed.

Take Dartford. We know Dartford now as a town of around 90,000 residents but it was around the medieval period that Dartford became a market town, and this must have been a great time for the early Dartford. It must have really helped liven up the goings on there and added to the excitement of the place. It may also have seen some of the very first hog roast Dartford events! Well, maybe.

Why suggest this? Well, as a market town, Dartford very probably saw a good number of livestock being traded around this medieval period...and that is pretty significant because it was also around this period in British history that the most important meal in catering history was created. Yes, Hog roast can be dated back to the medieval period. So, putting two and two together, who is to say that the first hog roast pig was not traded at Dartford? Maybe the very first hog roast Dartford event took place here? We may never know. However, what we do know is that people in twenty first century Dartford certainly have developed a taste for this most delicious of feasts.

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But why have the people of Dartford and indeed the people of the UK as a whole taken so long to acknowledge hog roast as the king of catering solutions? It does seem strange that we have known about this wonderful feast since medieval times yet we have only recently decided to embrace it fully as a perfect companion for any special event where there is a need for great tasting food. And my, have we been looking for a companion like this!

Anyone who experienced the cultural vacuum that was the typical 70s and 80s special occasion celebration will be all too aware of what a disaster the food tended to be at those events. It is perhaps hard to explain to those too young to remember but a Dartford event would usually involve the need to bypass any requirement for anything remotely tasty or nourishing at such events in favour of anything that had the minimum of taste and flavour. This of course meant the obligatory platefuls of sad sandwiches, bland burgers, pallid pizzas and other completely loathsome items that left you with nothing but the taste of blandness in your mouth. It is no surprise to hear that many people would go the nearest takeaway after these events in order to eat something even remotely flavoursome. Amazingly, you still experience events like this in the twenty first century but thankfully these are becoming a far less frequent occurrence, for the people of Dartford have made an exciting discovery, namely the hog roast hire Dartford caterer.

If you are going to celebrate a special event then it makes sense that you should try and serve up food that reflects this occasion’s importance, so why not get something that really tastes that little bit special? Hog roast is that thing. It not only ticks a few boxes, it ticks them all. It’s always great if you can make a bit of a spectacle of your food, because if food looks fantastic, it can really get your guests in the mood and looking forward to what should be immense dining. Hog roast certainly delivers on great looks as it is arguably the most impressive looking catering solution around. Complete with the hog roast hire Dartford caterer in attendance, it really is a fantastic sight; a fill pig roasting away to a gorgeous finish.

But looks aren’t everything as we all know, so what does hog roast taste like? If you have never tasted it before then you are going to be in for a shock...because it is quite the most incredible tasting meat you are likely to encounter. If you love the richness of roasted meat and a juicy succulent texture then you will be in hog roast heaven, for this is just up your street.

If you are planning a Dartford knees-up to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding then why not take a leaf out of Dartford’s medieval history and make hog roast the special guest that everyone will be delighted to see.