Hog Roast Diss

Diss is a town with a long and rich history, with some fine old buildings to go with it. It’s a town that is rich with heritage and certainly not short of churches, being blessed with nine of them. A short walk around the town leaves you in doubt that this town of seven thousand people is certainly dripping with a many stories of historical interest.

Diss is also home to a market every Friday, where you can buy a wide range of food stuffs including fish, vegetables and of course meat. I am sure that there is a very good chance that you will find some top quality pork in there somewhere. That’s good because pigs are helping revive interest in one particularly old dining tradition in these parts, and it is not sausages. No, it is the revival of the hog roast Diss event that is proving to be very popular.

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It does seem strange that a Medieval dish should be finding a new wave of popularity in these parts but it will come as no shock to many people in the know who have been predicting a hog roast hire Diss renaissance for many years now. These people are the type who know all about good food and who knew that, one day, people would eventually grow tired of the tiresome, bland and same old boring catering foods that were being served time and time again at special occasions and functions across the UK. These people knew that a lack of imagination would one day catch up with us all and, as so often happens, inspiration would come from the past!

When considering your options for a special occasion meal, it really is hard to ignore all the positives that a hog roast Diss option can give you. As all rounders go, it really is quite unbeatable and has to be worth you looking into more carefully. Of course, it all depends if impressing your Norfolk event guests is important or not. Hopefully, it will be something that is high on your priorities list, and if so, hog roast will certainly help you do just that!

Impressing people at a hog roast hire Diss event will mean using the best possible quality meat, naturally, and that is something that a hog roast chef will know absolutely everything about. Scrimping on the quality of the meat for an important event is simply not an option and that is why putting your faith in the chef is going to pay dividends. Each Diss hog roast chef knows exactly what to look out for when it comes to finding the best pig for each event they cater at. They will be looking for just the right degree of fat as that helps produce great crackling. They will also be on the lookout for a well reared pig from a reputable supplier, as this helps guarantee quality meat. Only when such a pig is found can the party begin.

Cooking a pig is not quite as straightforward as you may have thought. Long gone are the days of cooking a hog roast over an immense and crackling fire. A hog roast twenty first century is a lot different. Welcome to our very own piece of technology, the hog roasting machine. Not only does this help the chef cook the pig to absolute perfection but it also provides a great ‘stage’ for your hog roast to cooked on. One of the big attractions of hog roast is that it looks so amazing when it is being cooked and the machine really does allow the chef to show it off in style. Your guests will really love the spectacle of the hog roast in all its glory.

Cooking a hog roast is not only a visual treat but it‘s a labour of love. You may be a little surprised to learn that it can take six hours to cook a standard sized hog roast, though we are talking a big whole pig, after all. Those six long hours do make a difference though, allowing the meat to really soak up all those amazing flavours, meaning that you and your guests are in for a really tasty treat when you all dig in. And don’t worry, the cooking will have been started off in advance so you won’t be waiting six hours!

Make your Diss event one that won’t be remembered for bad food but for the simply amazing tastes that a Diss hog roast gives you.