Hog Roast Docklands

Chef and Griddle has been going for a fair number of years now, rising through the hog roast Docklands catering ranks, rapidly earning much-deserved stripes as the stand out caterer in Docklands. We're a hog roast caterer, one that creates classic hog roast dishes, but also isn't shy to try new approaches, and it's that approach which has seen us become hog roast pioneers, finding new ways to serve hog roasts and spit roasts. By doing this our services remain as fresh as the lovely roast foods we cook.

Hog roast hire Docklands is the prime example of our innovative approach to giving a helping hog roast hand to events. With it, customers can hire a hog roast machine in top condition and safety assured for whatever purpose it might be. You don't need a specific reason to hire a hog roast machine, you could be the owner of a restaurant or someone organising a party or barbecue for friends and relatives.

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People just love Hog roast hire Docklands, they can't get enough of it and once they start it almost becomes an addictive hobby. We have so many hog roast hire customers who are regulars each year, finding any excuse to hire a machine again and get back into the hog roasting groove. It's really a fantastic way to have a hog roast. Certainly though it's not for everyone, if you need a caterer to do the hog roast graft for you then our chefs are the people for the job, they're true hog roast professionals, stand-outs amongst their peers.

With high quality ingredients, equipment and chefs, we're established as the highest quality catering outfit in the town. Those who've used us before know what they're getting from us is a splendid, fully professional hog roast experience. A service that stuns guests with its profound quality. When clients book us they have full confidence that the food will taste great, everybody knows that hog roasts are sumptious, but the service on a whole often comes as a surprise as we're simply streets ahead of other hog roasters in how we operate. Our service, from the office phones to the team waiting on your guests, is as good as any other caterer in the company. We give an elite service because we know catering doesn't start and stop with how great our food tastes.

From spit pig sandwiches to creative canapes, buffets with starters and salads to sit-down menus with delicious desserts deep in flavour, what Chef and Griddle represents is a truly versatile approach to catering. Our famous flexible roasting options make us candidate to clients and events of all kinds. We're just as likely to be found at a sports awards dinner as we are a wedding, no less complimentary to a wedding as we are a birthday party. Put simply, our hog and spit roasts are favourites for any event.

Culinary excellence is what we provide and we give it to you in abundance. Our many great menus reflect well the amazing range of services and foods we have, all of them different in everything but their deliciousness. Where our regular menus aren't the right fit there is always the option to go down the custom menu route. Creating a bespoke menu package is hassle-free. We make sure the process is as easy as it can be. You'll find the team a pleasure to work with as we strive continually to improve our quality of service by being more helpful than ever. You'll have full peace of mind when you call that a bespoke menu is a quality option, our chefs can cook any meat or meal you like using fresh food that comes from our local suppliers.

For all events the hog roast or spit roast chef gives full attention to the roasting, focusing all his or her energies on making sure that's as tasty as ever. While the assistant chefs are responsible for preparing the rest of the foods, be it the canape or starter dishes, or even the dessert, assuming you choose a menu with those courses. Having so many talented guys and girls on the team helps us to put the best man or woman on specific tasks, specialising roles within our catering service to really make it all the more polished and impressive.

For quotes, hog roast Docklands menu discussions, event advice or simply a quick chat about hog roasting we're always near a phone or computer, ready to take your calls and emails.