Hog Roast Dover

Employing hog and spit roast techniques, old and new, you're guaranteed a first class hog roast experience in Dover when we're catering. No more will you have to compromise on a rubbish hog roast Dover caterer because it's the only one within budget, with hog roast catering from us you get catering that's better than the rest and has a suitability to any event or event characteristic. Event management and our experience with that plays a huge role in that, we've made menus for different palates and event types. Spit pig is merely a taste of what we can do, as you'll see in our menu there is no shortage of other options for you. Whole turkeys and chickens, as well as whole lamb, chicken kebab and sirloin of roast beef are the other offered spit roast options in our menus. However, there's nothing stopping you from calling and asking for something different as your spit roast option, actually, we actively encourage clients to do so. Working your flavour and identity into our menus and services, with custom menus or regular menus, is what we do to keep ahead of the pack and guarantee results.

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These menus and choices can be worked into any type of event, weddings to business functions. The levels of service offered with the food also varies to better suit certain event atmospheres and types. From laid back, hands-off catering in which the hog roast chef will serve your guests, to well known formal and traditional serving options, an example being a whole waiting team for your event to wait on your guests, or a front of house to greet and assist guests on arrival. Pig roasted on a spit is a special sort of roast pig and we'll tell you why that is. While roasting with an oven isn't a bad option, it will never truly match spit roasting because with spit roasting you get the most even results possible. The pig is in rotation while being cooked and that matters a great deal because the end result of that process is that the juice and natural fats of the pig aren't lost. The spit uses gravity to its advantage, turning round and round, which promotes a natural self-basting action, as the juices are constantly being soaked up by the pig. This way the pig is never at risk of being dry in places, it's thoroughly juicy and tender throughout, and the crackling is just sizzling and sensational. The same is true of spit roasting with any other meats, whether it's our sirloin of beef or our whole turkeys you get the same result, save for the crackling.

These spit roast options can be cooked at your event for an endless number of people if needed. We make easy work of events for thousands of people, never mind the events for hundreds and less which are an even easier ask for our uber-talented spit roast chefs, whose expertise really knows no bounds. We're not shy of small events, either. Tiny get togethers with only a handful of people are right up our street too. For smaller get togethers, or larger ones if you're feeling even more adventurous, hiring a hog roast machine is a stellar second option for getting a stunning spit roast experience. Hiring is a possibility for all, there's no real requirements to speak of for hog roast hire Dover . With hog roasting being so very basic in nature, simply skewering and keeping a watchful eye on the pig as it cooks, there's nothing stopping any client from hiring a machine. The machine can be used in whichever way you like, spit roasting pigs or anything else that you choose. We can even provide a machine for you that has a grill within it, so you can not only spit roast, you can make a full roast experience by cooking fresh dishes to accompany it. The grill can be used in much the same way as a stove top as stainless steel pans can be used on it to boil or fry foods. Once you call us for a quote we'll determine which spit or tray roasting machine is going to be of best use.

The different hog roast Dover machine hire models have different roasting capacities, the large machines would you believe it can cook a 90kg pig for hundreds of people - unbelievable cooking power. Chef and Griddle provides first class hog roast catering for just about any event. Call today to make your hog roast hire Dover booking or to be quoted on our services.