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Being that we’re Dunfermlines most selected hog roast caterer you might expect that we’re under a lot of scrutiny as people expect the very best from us, with nothing else being accepted, which is why it’s an even more impressive achievement that every hog roast Dunfermlines review on and offline is positive, overwhelmingly so.

Chef and griddle grows every day, hand in hand is the popularity of hog roasting. People want a professional and experienced chef to cater their event whether it may be a party or wedding and there is one company on the tip of every bodies tongue, that’s ours.

Knowing that Chef and griddle is the hog roast company that also cooks spit roast chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, kebab, and we can even tray roast these, our customers don’t have too difficult a decision when looking at catering options for their events.

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The great food is on a par with the great communication we’re favoured for. Many companies are looking to replicate our booking/contact system as it makes true sense and is loved by customers and chefs alike. It’s a simple idea, really, but it works great. What we do when you book our hog roast Dunfermlines catering is pair you up with a head spit roast chef, the chef who’ll lead the catering at your event, putting you in direct and easy contact with the person that matters. Therefore, you can discuss freely event menu ideas, making changes along the way by calling or emailing your chef directly.

Every hog roast created by us is as remarkable as the last. The hog roasts we make are created by taking from regional farms the finest free range pigs, butchered by the best butchers, seasoned and prepared by elite hog roast chefs and then cooked, from fresh, at your event by our finest of chefs. You can choose your pig, or any meat that takes your fancy, to be spit roasted or hog roasted. You can even choose, if you’re pushing for time and don’t want to pay over for the venue hire, because you only have it for a limited time, we can cook the pig before hand and bring it in and then warm it through at the venue.

Chef and griddle isn’t just the best cook of your typical British meat favourites like chicken, lamb and pig, we can spice things up and get a little more exotic, whether that’s by cooking different meats or taking the classics and sprucing them up with spices and herbs from every continent on the planet.

Because we design and manufacture our own machines anything is possible with hog roast hire Dunfermlines catering, if you have any quirky or unique meal ideas for a menu we’ll go above and beyond to make it possible.

You can even do the same yourself if you want to go really wild with a feast of your favourite meats. Machine hire is our secondary business and is thriving. We’ve purposely made our machines exceptionally easy to use, bringing in a whole new customer base who are paying to hire machines and hog roasting for their own events. The freedom that comes with hog roast hire Dunfermlines is invaluable. When you hire you don’t have to worry about having a last minute change of heart, it’s entirely possibly to hire a machine, plan a menu, and then on the day of your event, even one hour before your event, to change your mind about what meat you want to cook and throw on something entirely different. With varied attachments aplenty hog roast machine hire is a genius idea for personal event use and commercial use as part of a kitchen, mobile or stationary.

The culinary hog roast revolution is in full swing and there’s no time to waste, so what are you waiting for? Quotes are free and we have so much more to tell you about our catering and machine hire services.