Hog Roast Eversley

Eversley is a village and civil parish in the UK, the village has lots of stately homes and listed buildings. The village has lots of character and family’s stem back generations in this wonderful village. My family for one originate from this village and have been caterers for generations. When I left catering college I was really unsure about what type if catering I wanted to do I wanted to try something different and really wanted to work for my self. I had heard of hog roasting but knew very little about it, I did my research and then decided hog roasting it was! Hog roast Eversley catering has now been in business and I can honestly say it was the best career choice I could have made. My office is in the centre of this fantastic village so I have wonderful views from my window every day, and the people are absolutely amazing, everyone if so friendly and will all go out of the way to help each other. Hog roast hire Eversley are masters at hog roasting our chefs have been trained through the company and have attended the best catering colleges and know everything there is to know about hog roasting. When you book with us you are in the best hands we are with you every step of the way to ensure your day goes without a hitch and we make sure all have a fantastic time! We always impress and guests can never really imagine the taste of hog roasting until they experience it for them selves. Hog roasted meat is cooked in the most natural way, and has nothing added. The meat is cooked slowly and this results in the meat being so succulent and tender.

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Hog roast Eversley catering charge less per head than any other eating establishment and our clients are always shocked to hear that as they imagine hog roasting to cost an absolute fortune but the secret is no waste. And the meat goes such a long way. We give you a day to remember and we make sure you are treated like Royalty! At your event we not only cook your food we also lay the tables and make sure the tables are full of food, our staff mingle with your guests and make sure drinks are topped up too! We always get compliments about our friendly courteous staff. Hog roast hire Eversley do believe in the saying the customer is always right and we are at your beck and call throughout the day. a very common request at a party is your guests wanting photos, yes they are fascinated with the pigs and the times our chefs, the guest and the pig have been snapped in a picture happens most of the time! Our staff are always happy to oblige so don’t be put off asking them if you require photos as they will be happy to pose! We create a friendly atmosphere at each event and the guests are always so interested in what we do they often spend a good hour chatting about the history of hog roasting and each one of our staff are very well briefed and there is absolutely nothing they don’t know about hog roasting! after a party we always leave our feed back form for you to complete it asks you to tell us what you think what you really enjoyed about the day, and what you thought could be improved? It will only take you a few minutes to complete and it really is a useful tool for us to have as we can see what we are doing right and if we can improve to be honest our feed back is always brilliant and we are so grateful to our dedicated staff for their hard work. Our staff don’t go unnoticed and we always say that they are the heart of our company without their, loyalty and commitment to us we would be nothing, we are all a team and we all pull together I really believe that is the secret to our success. So if you are thinking hog roasting for an event coming up then give us a try we really are number one and we are sure you will be thrilled, we offer quality food and a very reasonable price and arrange, plan and run the whole event so you can sit back and relax. Hog roasting is the new eating experience try it you will be pleased you did...