Hog Roast Fakenham

Some people just do not know what they are talking. I am of course referring to the publication that named Fakenham (on a Wednesday afternoon) as one of the most boring places around. What nonsense, Fakenham is a fantastic town and seven and half thousand people who call it their home would no doubt agree. Just because a town is not awash with nightclubs or bright light attractions is not sufficient to call it boring. Fakenham is not a fake, it is a genuine town with real historic interest, home to a famous national hunt racecourse and a monthly farmers market. Boring? Rubbish.

What is boring is the standard of most special occasion food. I know that I have been to more than my fair share of parties and functions that have been going great until the food was unveiled. I simply do not understand why people continue to put up with some of the most lacklustre and boring catering options around. Hard sandwiches, limp salads, flavourless chicken legs and the less said about pizza, the better. There really are no excuses for bad event catering, especially now that hog roast Fakenham events are starting to become popular.

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You heard me right! Hog roast hire Fakenham events are the new big thing in catering and they are proving very popular indeed. Who would have thought that a Medieval feast would have turned out to be a big hit with twenty first century event organisers in Norfolk and across the United Kingdom?

Well, some would argue that it’s about time that hog roast got a fair crack of the whip when it comes to catering as it seems to be the perfect solution for any event where lots of great tasting food is required....and with a hog roast Fakenham, there really is lots. A standard hog roast is more than capable of feeding a lot of Fakenham folk, in fact you are looking at around one hundred plus people. You have to admit that is not bad for a single pig!

But it’s not just the volume of food that you get with a hog roast hire Fakenham event. Book a hog roast chef and you are booking a true professional who is dedicated to feeding your Fakenham guests some quite amazing tasting meat. You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of care and attention that go into producing a hog roast and you will be staggered when you learn more about the cooking. The chef has to first source a great quality pig to start with and that takes some doing. It is not simply a case of choosing any old pig but of finding one that is just right from a good local supplier. Luckily, hog roast chefs have good contact with reliable and reputable suppliers so they can always find the perfect pig. As for the cooking, this all takes place on the hog roasting machine. Sounds complicated, and whilst the principles of hog roast cooking are pretty much the same, the hog roast machine provides the chef with a supreme degree of control over every aspect of the cooking. It has to be said that the machine is also a great looking piece of gear as well, that helps show off the whole roasting pig to great effect. This is more important that you may think as people love to see a hog roast in action. It looks amazing, and if your event is a corporate function then this could be a really good way to impress your special guests with a little bit of cooking magic. If you are going to show off, do it in style, that’s what I say.

The whole pig does take some cooking though, further underlining just what a great quality meal this is. In fact a hog roast usually takes around six hours to cook fully, giving you some of the most incredible tasting, succulent and mouth watering meat you will ever taste, together with some of the best crispy crackling you will ever taste in Fakenham. This is real food to die for.

As you have just read, a Fakenham hog roast is not some simple, throwaway meal that takes minutes to cook and is quickly forgotten by your guests. This is top quality catering with fresh cooking, fresh ingredients and fresh flavours. If you are looking for something special for that special event you are organising then you really owe it to your guests to make it a Fakenham hog roast.