Hog Roast Finchampstead

After emigrating to the other side of the world and running a successful hog roasting company for seven years I yearned to return home I dreamt about my wonderful hometown of Finchampstead with its terraced housing and array of listed buildings I really missed the country walks passed the civil parish and most of all I missed the people. My husband and I had said we would return home after ten years with our new business but we felt after seven years the time was right to return home and we did. We moved back into our home, which we had been renting out during the summer months and couldn’t wait to show off our hog roasting skills to the locals. We renamed the business Hog roast Finchampstead catering and organised a party for friends to enable us to show off what we did best. Everyone was so impressed as we showed our culinary skills and they had never seen hog roasting before and thought it such a novelty. When it came to carve the meat and plate up they were gob smacked, as they had never tasted meat like it. Hog roast hire Finchampstead took several orders that day and two years later we feel right back at home! It feels like we have never been away now as we settled back in to our old life bringing our new business back was a bonus. Hog roast Finchampstead catering is even more popular here than it was abroad Finchampstead locals just cannot get enough! Hog roast hire Finchampstead now employ local staff and we all get on really well we are more like a family than work mates! “What do you get from hog roasting that you don’t get from other methods of cooking” well the answer is simple the taste. Hog roasting produces the nicest tasting meat one that is hard to describe without tasting it.

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The meat just falls apart when it is cut and hog roasting always produces tender meat. We add nothing to the meat we do not think the flavour needs enhancing. You get to choose what meat you would like cooked pig, chicken, turkey, lamb and you get to choose how you would like the meat served either sliced for sandwiches or sliced with salad or Vegetables. We also make the most fantastic apple sauce we picked up the recipe whilst we were travelling and it has special spices that are used to enhance the flavour of the apples, the ingredients are a closely guarded secret and we promised that we wouldn’t tell and we haven’t told a soul! We have also started to make our own cider to accompany the pig and this is proving to be a hit! The cider goes really well with the pig and again our own secret recipe but it really is our own! We love adding little extras for our guests we now bake all our own bread we were getting it supplied which was really nice but felt that it would be more personal if we made our own and sometimes we leave at five in the morning to get to a venue and our customers want fresh bread so it was too early to get the bread from our supplier now if we need fresh bread our baker is up in the early hours baking our bread it is much easier having everything at hand. Our meat we collect the night before and we keep the meat refrigerated through out, our special vans are all refrigerated so the meat is never ever in danger of going off even when the sun is blaring our meat is cool until it is time to place it on the machine. Our vegetables are delivered to us on the night before an event and we must say they are the freshest you could ever eat, all organic of course and we insist on the best and are only ever offered the best as our suppliers are like us and insist on the freshest quality. If you have never tried hog roasting food then we think you are really missing out. Hog roasting is the simplest methods of cooking and also the best, it is also the healthiest way to eat meat as our meat is always so lean and we never serve you fat only the very best from us to you and that is a promise. We are so pleased we decided to come home early from our travels...