Hog Roast Forest of Dean

Take yourself back to assemblies at school and you will recall singing about the ‘green and pleasant land’ no doubt, and how correct that lyric is because away from the major towns and cities, Britain is home to some truly wonderful and awe inspiring natural beauty. Indeed, we can count ourselves lucky that, despite living in such a relatively small country, we are blessed with such a rich natural landscape.

There are many locations in Britain where you can take in incredible views and wonder for hours at nature but one of the very best can be found right here in Gloucestershire. If you live near the Forest of Dean then you will know first hand what a stunning location this corner of the British Isles really is. Beautiful scenery and an extensive variety of wildlife combine to make this location one of great importance. Some inhabitants of the Forest of Dean are relatively new to the Forest of Dean. Wild Boar (which were present many years previous) were reintroduced and now they call the forest home. Which reminds me of something else that has recently made an impact in the area. Hog roast Forest of Dean.

Strange though it may sound, hog roast is re-emerging from a long slumber to position itself as one of the most sought after catering solutions in the UK. Travel up and down the country and you learn of more and more parties, functions and special event organisers that are turning their backs on the boring and bland old catering solutions and instead turning to our old friend, the hog roast hire Forest of Dean caterer.

This really is a remarkable turnaround for the old Medieval dish. It had seemed that special event catering was a closed shop to meals such a spitting pig but trends are strange and hog roast has risen relative obscurity to take the prize as one of the nation’s favourite catering meals.

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Now, I know what you are thinking. Is this a wild boar that is being roasted or a regular pig? Well, don’t worry. Hog roast uses pig, but of course, it’s not just any old pig! Hog roasting is not so much a meal but a work of art and the hog roast hire Forest of Dean chef requires quality materials which is why it has be a quality local pig from a top supplier. It also has to have just the right amount of fat on it.

Now a whole pig really is a quite significant unit of meat and, once cooked, it will provide a fair amount of meat for your event partygoers. Indeed, a whole hog roast Forest of Dean pig is going to keep everyone more than happy, with enough meat to adequately feed over one hundred diners. Now, just think about that for a moment. One single pig can feed over one hundred people! That is an awful lot of people and that could really help lower your costs per head. It’s all worth considering in these tough times when even catering can cost an arm and a leg. The more value you can get from your catering, the more you can spend on the other things that you require.

Great meat - and plenty of it - is really going to help get your event off to a fantastic start but there is something that needs to happen before you get the party started and that is the cooking. Yes, that would help, and this is where the hog roast chef really does put in the hard work because a hog roast is a high maintenance procedure that requires no less than six hours cooking time. It seems like a long time but you need to remember that we are not cooking pork chops here but a whole pig. A big whole pig at that, so six hours is really what’s needed. Hog roast is also a meal that needs slow roasting in order to release those all important juices in the meat. And that vital amount of fat needs six hours to produce that essential element of any great hog roast; the perfect crackling.

There you have it. Forest of Dean hog roast maybe a hard slog to get to get it from the hog roasting machine to the diner but, when they take their first bite, they will almost certainly confirm that it was worth every minute of the wait. So go on, make your event a Forest of Dean hog roast event.