Hog Roast Fulham

Welcome to the Fulham page, a place with all the juiciest information on hog roasting, from hire plans to traditional catering packages, there's a history of prestige to hog roasting and there's no better time than now to book your hog roast or use the hog roast hire Fulham.

It's been said that hog roast Fulham is the quintessential English catering, hog roasting has been at the front of catering in England for hundreds of years so it's no surprise people take that view, and as the front runner of hog roast caterers in the land we're not one to argue with that. In fact, we don't think that's ever been more true than it is now with Chef and Griddle making hog and spit roasts more scrumptious than at any time in history. The access to world class thoroughbred pigs is better than ever, making the tastiest hog roast experience ever.

The modern day access we have to world class produce has come with tremendous hog roast Fulham benefits, whether it be pigs from England, cattle from Scotland or even something as exotic as imported impala meat, there's now many means of getting fresh, ethically reared meats from regional and global providers. To say that society has the greatest access to foods than we've ever had is no exageration. This is a godsend for caterers, especially for the spit and tray roast enthusiasts that we are. We're massively passionate about what we do and we love all the unbelievably good produce that's available to us in this day and age, the fact that mainstream farming has caught up with our ethical demands is even better, because now we can source fairly raised animals of all kinds, whether it's free range pigs or chickens, or even organic vegetables. Even better is the fact that most the impressive ingredients that we use are now farmed on British soil by British farmers contributing to the British economy.

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You can see how all this is a win-win for us and our clients. Better ingredients than ever before, better farming methods, a better economical contribution than ever before, and no less importantly, a lower carbon footprint than ever before.

We've lead the way and still now take place at the front of a trailing pack in looking at original ways to improve on these factors. The biggest lead is undoubtedly in the marvelous quality of our food. There's a reason we're so highly prized and there's a reason you're reading this, it's because we have mind-blowing food with a first-class catering service that's respected and celebrated by everyone of the clients who've experienced it. With menus to fit any occasion and foods to compliment everyone's palate, our company is growing at an impressive rate - and so are our menus!

One menu everyone loves, the favourite amongst many popular menus, is spit roast pig. It's absolutely delicious in taste but there really isn't much to the quintessential Chef and Griddle hog roast as far as cooking goes. The pig cooks, always to the tune of a few hours or more and once ready - where the pork is succulent and the crackling is crunchy enough to crack! - it's carved by your event chef, then it's brought together with white bread rolls, apple sauce and stuffing. It's amazing, unbelievably scrumptious, but you'd have to taste it to really get to grips with just how good it is. What's great is that with our competitive prices it's not going to cost you much to do so.

Other menus include a spit roast snack menu, the sit-down menu, the buffet menu, and a middle of the road buffet of a spit roast option with just starters, a happy medium between the 1 meal menu and the two menus with 5 dishes. With the menus you'll receive a professional service, we always cook and provide our hog roasts with flare and style, and we can do just about everything for your event from menus to event management.

We're also big believers in less sometimes being more, and that rings especially true for hog roast hire Fulham . Hog roast machine hire doesn't involve a chef or a team of waiters, or a drinks bar, or anything at all, apart from a hog roast machine and an optional hog roast pig. But in spite of this simplicity it's indisputably a great option, for many hands on people they've told us it's even better than having us cooking for them, they love hog roasting and the sense of achievement and excitement that comes with it.