Hog Roast Grantham

A blue pig. Sounds a little improbable, doesn’t it but there is a place in the UK that is home to just such a beast. Okay, so The blue Pig is a public house in Grantham and not some strange coloured animal but can you imagine a blue hog roast? That would be something on an eye opener. ‘The blue hog roast Grantham oddity’ would make great headlines.

Something else blue from Grantham is Margaret Thatcher, former Conservative party leader and first female lady Prime Minister. Now she would have loved a blue hog roast. And something else of the blue female ground breaking variety is female police officers. Yes, Grantham was home to the very first female police officers back in 1914, nearly one hundred years ago. Hog roast Grantham is also blue lady Grantham!

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The town of Grantham is quite well known for its conference and hospitality industry. These are industries that play a vital role for businesses of all sizes in the UK. Conferences can range from 20 or 30 people right through to hundreds if not thousands. Conferences and corporate hospitality give businesses a chance to make progress and cement new deals with business associates and new clients. The need to impress at these events is paramount. You could of course pay The Blue Pig a visit but the best sort of pig to impress with is of course a hog roast.

Hog roast is the complete all round way to impress clients and colleagues. Everything about a hog roast makes it a total winner. For a start, a hog roast is a theatrical dining phenomenon. It looks wonderful and makes a great focal point of your Grantham event. Just imagine what delegates will be thinking when they see a splendid huge pig on the specialist roasting machine? I guarantee they will be impressed with your hog roast Grantham special catering.

This spectacle is not short lived. You need to remember that a hog roast is a slow cooking beast and takes hours to reach perfection. To misquote Mrs Thatcher, this hog is meant for turning. Your guests will be watching as the hog roast nears the perfect stage when it is ready for your Grantham diners to eat. And of course, by this time they will be already having to put up with the incredible aromas being given off by the hog as it roasts away supremely.

All this hard work from the hog roast caterer would count for little if your hog roast just tasted like any another old joint of pork, but you have nothing to worry about in that respect. Every pig used for hog roast is a premier pig that will deliver top quality flavour for your Grantham guests. Hog roast can be presented to the same top standards as a top notch restaurant, so if you had reservations about the credentials of hog roast as a professional event catering solution, you can relax. Your Grantham diners will be eating in style and savouring every mouthful of their hog roast.