Hog Roast Grimsby

Grimsby is an ancient port town first founded by Danish Vikings. It’s easy to imagine them with their horned helmets tearing into wild boar they had caught in the forests and then roasted on open fires. Good food stays the same through the ages and that’s why the Grimsby hog roasters have been kept so busy dashing around with their hog roast oven to cater for hungry people everywhere!

While the summer hasn’t been great this year, there have been some lovely days and we’ve managed to get out around Grimsby with our hog roast Grimsby services and cater for private parties outdoors and formal functions alike. One of the many great things about our hog roast oven is that it’s gas powered. This may not sound like much, but it means a good deal: it means we can cater indoors with our swamping your guests with smoke and char from a fire powered machine. All you will experience is the delicious small of our finest quality hog roast Grimsby meat floating through your function room and teasing your appetite.

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Of course this method of power works brilliantly for us too: we can regulate the temperature of the oven which gives us much greater control over the speed and thoroughness of the meats we cook. It also allows us to reduce the heat and keep the food warm without it becoming dry and overcooked; which is good news for both caterers and guests!

We at hog roast Grimsby are really passionate about what we do. Success for us means a satisfied customer whose guests have enjoyed not only the fabulous food, but the theatre of hog roasting, which makes such a dramatic back drop to any occasion. This is why we feel that hog roasts are particularly well suited to weddings and Christmas parties. All the tradition and pageantry associated with Christmas: the mistletoe, the ivy, the green tree, the glasses of cinnamon infused wines; it’s such a cosy time while the winds howl outside and folks are warming their toes inside. The smells of Christmas, just like the smells of roasting meat are very evocative and we think make a perfect match.

When we cater for formal events like weddings, we understand how important it is to get it right on the day. this is why we will provide everything from the tables to the linens and the marquee. We know you’d rather concentrate on your guests than worry about the catering, so that’s why we do it all for you. As well as bringing our talented chefs we will bring our trained serving staff who will wait and clear tables professionally and politely. And at the end of the day when the eating is over, we will clear everything away leaving your venue as we found it and leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day.

If you think you’d be interested in sampling our great food, why not give us a call and let’s have a friendly chat about menus!