Hog Roast Halifax

It is a little odd how some town names sound like they belong in their county. I don’t know why that is the case but it just seems to be, and Halifax is one such example. Halifax just sounds so typically Yorkshire. What is also typical of the town is that it is a true sporting town with a strong interest in rugby league and football as well as many a famous name coming from the area. Remember John Noakes from Blue Peter? Well, he is from these parts, as is Tom Bailey, lead singer of the eighties hit band Thompson Twins. Maybe there are some more famous names to come from the eighty two thousand other people who call Halifax their home town?

Of course, you may also be aware that John Mackintosh, the famous confectioner, comes from Halifax, and his work carries on to this day, but some other culinary favourites have struggled to maintain their popularity, or at least we thought they had. Hog roast is one such dish that springs to mind. Hog roast is a bit of ghost from our Medieval past and one that everyone thought had faded away into food catering obscurity. But something changed. About ten years ago, hog roast started to make a slow comeback. Every now and again, hog roast would make an appearance at a party or an event. The hog roast Halifax event was upon us and more and more parties, events and special occasions saw sandwiches, hot pot and chicken replaced by first class roasted pig. The hog roast Halifax caterer was now becoming that talk of the town.

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It is not hard to see why the hog roast Halifax caterer is becoming the first choice for catering at many events. After all, special event should be just that; special. Why would you go to all the trouble of planning a great evening only to ruin it with rubbish catering? Beats me. Hog roast has shown people all over Halifax - and indeed the rest of the United Kingdom – that great catering food can be affordable, flexible and fun.

Now, I would be not telling the truth if I said that hog roast is the cheapest solution for catering, but if you do the sums, you may just realise that a hog roast hire Halifax option can certainly be regarded as probably the best value solution available. Really. For a start, take the amount of food that you can get out of a single standard sized pig. Did you realise that one pig will give you over one hundred portions of superb tasting meat? That’s a fantastic amount of food and probably enough to feed the biggest crowds. And were you aware that the Halifax chef carefully selects each pig on the grounds of quality, local rearing and suitability for a hog roast? In short, you always get a prime pig when you book a hog roast.

Versatility is the name of the game with hog roast and that means being able to produce the pork goods for any type of occasion, and that’s something that you won’t see very often. Most catering solutions are simply one trick ponies but hog roast is a multi faceted pig, capable of doing formal events and good old birthday bash style events with consummate ease. You may know hog roast from parties where hog roast is served up on rolls with sauce and crackling (usually referred to as ‘pig in a bun’) and these are very popular. They taste incredible, in fact it’s a little like having the perfect roast dinner in a roll, if you can imagine such thing. But what if you want a sit down meal in a more formal manner? Perhaps you have a big corporate event coming up or maybe the local MP or Mayor is coming to your charity event? If so, you need to smarten up and that’s when hog roast can truly show off. Gourmet hog roast may sound like a contradiction but you may be very surprised. Carved with professional skill, the chef can produce a plate of food that your Halifax guests will be bowled over by. It looks fantastic and tastes even better. Who said hog roast was just a party food?

A Halifax special occasion needs special catering, so don’t make the mistake of cutting corners and going with the easy option. Make sure you bring in the Halifax hog roast chef and enjoy some truly wonderful Yorkshire hog roast magic!