Hog Roast Hammersmith

Chef and Griddle is the catering company that does spit roasts best. Hog roasts are our trademark, it's hard to separate hog roasting from our company because just about everyone knows us as Hammersmiths hog roast experts. Catering for all event types, we've carved out a huge number of clients through our consistency in the quest for hog roast Hammersmith perfection. Our main hog roast Hammersmith menu speaks for itself. Roasted pig on floured rolls, and who could forget the sumptuous stuffing and appetising apple sauce to bring out the full flavour of the pork and crackling - certainly not the clients who keep coming back for me!

But there's more, much more. Because the very next menu you can have for your event, regardless of what your event type is because this is a universally great menu, is the spit roast snack menu. The name sort of gives it away, it's a bit like the hog roast roll menu only, well, there are multiple spit roast options as opposed to pig. Instead you can go for other appetising meats, from whole chickens to chicken kebab and spit roast sirloin of beef or spit roast turkey. There's over 5 standard choices to choose from, so that you can find your favourite. The varied selection is especially beneficial for picking for all types of events. Who could argue with a spit roast turkey at Christmas time or a chicken kebab for a birthday party event.

Private Party Menus
Corporate Event Menus
Wedding Catering Menus
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And that's just two menus, two menus you can have for any event type that comes to mind. There are a great deal more menus, some more specific than others, which are a guaranteed hit every time. Our wedding menu with 2 meal stages, a meal at the wedding and a buffet later for the party, comes to mind. Not just that, but with said menu you'll receive as well as food a waiting team, a front of house person and even a drinks bar.

The other menus we have are also distinctive in that one by one you'll notice the introduction of foods to go with the hog or spit roast of your choosing. Our third menu for instance introduces some especially sizzling starter options, where as many other menus have practically everything, canapes through to desserts, with plenty more in between! It's because of all of this that we're never short of an event to cater for. We have an undeniably diverse client base, all of them using our services for events of variable size and type, at different times of the year.

A great strength we have, different tasty menus aside, is that we can cater for events which contrast in size, really big events with hundreds of guests, sometimes thousands, are great for us, we're in our element, and the same is true of smaller events. We create hog roast plans for events on an individual basis, which ensures a 10/10 service for every client. Everything that we done is done for the client and the full of enjoyment of your guests. We pride ourselves on having no arrogance, being open to new and creative approaches to catering, and having the abundance of skill that's need to make high quality new menus and services. That's why our custom menus have become such a thing of legend, because firstly we encourage clients to get involved and add their own vision, then we have the chefs who'll make sure it's a perfect catering job well done.

Producing our own hog roast hire Hammersmith machines goes a long way to explaining where the scrumptious hog roast taste comes from. The machines have been perfected with the input of excellent engineers and all of our spit roast chefs. Using the specific know-how of both, we've successfully created a new breed of spit roast machines that set the standard for taste, time, safety and aesthetics. So high in standard are our hog roast hire Hammersmith machines that hundreds have been sold in the last few years to highly regarded culinary businesses, not to mention avoid hog roast fans who couldn't resist adding the best hog roast machine to their arsenal.

The machines are a perfect alternative to catering, too. Not for buying, but for hiring. Hiring machines is if you're on a budget is an absolute god send, but even if not it's simply great to try your hand at hog roasting, to blow your friends away. It's an experience and a half and everyone who's tried it has only good things to say about it. Book your hire or catering through our website contact page or by telephone.